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Travis Tritt Essay, Research Paper Travis Tritt Travis Tritt was born on February 9, 1963 to Georgia and James Tritt. Travis fell in love with music as a young boy. By the age of eight he had already taught himself how to play the guitar and by the age of 14 he was beginning to write his own songs. When Travis was younger his parents did not want him to follow his instincts; his mother wanted him to sing in the church, but he wanted to sing and write country music. Travis worked various jobs after he was 18, but he still wanted to play music. At one time he was working for an air-conditioning company and the company?s vice president was a guitarist who gave up music and he urged Travis to follow his dreams. So, Travis quit and began pursuing a music career full-time. In 1982,

Travis began recording demos; one was for a promotion man, who was also an executive at Warner Brothers. For the next few years he produced demos and played the ?Honky Tonk? Circuit. In 1989 Warner Brothers signed Tritt and his first album, County Club, came out in stores in the spring of 1990. His first single, Country Club, went top ten in 1989. After his first album he was know as a country singer, with a little mix of rock. Even though country music did not completely embrace Travis, his second album, It?s All About To Change, went multi-platinum, thanks to his new manager Ken Kragen, who made his music appeal to both country fans and many others. Travis? third album T-R-O-U-B-L-E, did not match the success of his second album, but it still had a number one single on it. Then

in 1994, his fourth album, Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof, went platinum. The in 1995, his greatest hits album, went platinum within the first six months of its release. On his next album, The Restless Kind, Tritt decided not to use long-time producer Gregg Brown, instead sharing production duties himself with master producer Don Was and the two opted to go for a more traditional country sound, getting back to Tritt’s musical roots. Travis then wrote five songs on his next album No More Looking Over My Shoulder. In the summer of 1999, after ten years with Warner Brothers, Travis asked to be released from his label. He said that he needed a change. He then took some time off to spend with his wife, Theresa and their kids, Tyler and Tristan. Recently, Travis signed a new record

deal with SONY Nashville, allowing him to continue putting out the kind of music that has made Travis one of the most loved and respected musicians in the music business.