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innocent, and people knew it, leading to a public outcry. Elizabeth was released on May 19, 1554 (ironically, May 19 was the day on which Anne Boleyn was married and killed, and the same day that Elizabeth was released from jail.) In 1558, Elizabeth became the queen of England. She spent three days on her coronation in the Tower, to symbolize that it was her duty to "take possession" of it as the royal monarch of England. (Fisher, 1987) On January 15, 1559, she left in a festive parade to be crowned at Westminster Abby. Elizabeth would never return to the Tower. In 1603, part of the Tower of London became a museum. King James I had ordered that the royal jewels be kept in the Tower Jewel House and be put on display for the Tower visitors. Though its roots trace back to

a non-Englishman, the Tower of London has had a very interesting place in English history. It has been the sight of murders, marriages, uproars, museums, and zoos. But the Tower of London will always be remembered as a "symbol of royal power, a fortress for the monarch, and a prison for the monarch's enemies". Conclusion Many people like traveling and I am no exception to the rule. Some people like to travel in winter, but most of them prefer to go travelling in summer, when it is warm and the sun is shining brightly. There are people who like to travel by train or by air. In this way they cover large distances and see the far-off places. If a person likes the sea he decides upon a sea-voyage. Nowadays young people travel on foot and like to go to the woods or to the

mountains. On a trip by air you dont see much, but you save a lot of time. If you go by train, you get acquainted with new regions. A sea-voyage is very pleasant if the sea is calm. The passengers enjoy watching the sea, which is always ever so beautiful. Many people travel all around our country by car. I believe that travelling is one of the best pleasures in the world. Literature 1. Encyclopedia Britanica 2006 2. The official site The Tower of London 3.