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be sold, so why can’t kidneys (lungs, eyes…)?” Though this argument may not seem truly relavant, it does raise the issue of organ sales on-line or otherwise. Why shouldn’t this be legalized when it could possibly save lives? The government offers a simple answer- fraud. There are clearly many criminals in the online world. If these organ sales were legally established, there would be many people who would attempt to deceive and swindle potential buyers. Another thing being sold, or rather rented, online are prostitutes and call girls. This is obviously illegal, but the market is growing. Again, there are very few clear laws defining prostitution and the net. Laws against pornography have been strictly enforced over the last couple years; however, the laws regarding

prostitutes- male and female, many minors- have not. The Internet simplifies the life of a call girl, or boy, by eliminating the middleman, so to speak. These young people are able to make as much money as they want, and keep every cent. This is a difficult issue to tackle because the Internet is such a vast place, especially the Internet underground. These prostitutes are hard to track, thus making law enforcement much harder than finding them on the streets. As in all the other cases mentioned, stricter laws must be created and enforced. Online prostitution must be stopped. In all cases of online sales: guns, drugs, organs, blood, and prostitutes; laws must be set. By creating laws, many people will be protected from the crime and trash that lurks on the Internet. Though easily

debated issues, they are all issues, which need foundation and grounding. People can fall victim to online crime easily in any of these situations, be it mentally, physically, or emotionally. Online crime has to stop. Maybe increased government participation and laws won’t bring it to a screeching halt, but they will slow its progress.