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and it is back to the fireside that elders return. Snyder makes the assumption that home is a place cherished and loved by all. He leads the reader to believe that the place where one lives is what shapes that person into adulthood. Snyder implies place as a real emotion separate from all others. Mary Oliver speaks of place in a very different fashion. Oliver writes not of place as an experience but of experience as place. Particularly how the experience of whale watching made an effect on her. While describing her experience, Oliver, remembers We wait, not knowing just where it will happen shouting for joy you realize it is yourself for some unbelievable part of a moment against the sky – like nothing you ve ever imagined This experience of seeing breaching whales has made an

astounding effect on Oliver, one that she did not expect. Later in the poem Oliver articulates just how much she s been effected by the experience by stating, Listen nothing in life will ever dazzle you like the dreams of your body even the great whale, throbs with song. Place and experience are both powerful things and when combined they form memories that last a lifetime. For Gary Snyder home will always be his place, whereas Mary Oliver will see her experience with whales as her place. Place being as it is will always stay with a person forever. 324