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Alcott drug him out of it near the end of his life. ( Alcott, Bronson Amos.1). Last but certainly not least is Margaret Fullerwho was perhaps most influential woman of her day. She was a writer and lecturer .she was a hearty Transcendental is an a strong feminist. In 1847 she visited Rome and met her husband Marchese Ossoli, who was believed in Mazzini.with him she took part in the ?revolution of 1848-49?. when she was coming home to the states in 1850 ?she, her husband, and their baby were drowned in a ship wreck?. A said ending to a truly great person. The entire history of Transcendentalism in every aspect should be completely clear to everyone, so that we can see the help Transcendentalism will bring today. Now let everyone look into the past of

Transcendentalism. It is rooted in the past. It owes its ?perseverance morality and doctrine of divine light to Quaker and Puritanism.? ?Through utilitarianism the deity was reduced to a kind of eminent principal in every person…?.To Romantics it owed most of its existence to the ?concept of nature as a living mystery and not a clock work universe…? (Ruben 2). These of course are things in the past, but if one was to apply them today one could literally watch a transformation begin. Transcendentalism would first ease America?s frantic materialism. Secondly it would bring back some good old morals and ethics with some great spirituality . Third people would be encouraged to survive on the own intuition and wits, and not what everyone else?s. Fourth it would bring back more

respect to mother nature, and we could expect also a better balance in our economy. Overall this evaluates into a better society and a better country as a whole. One could also expect that probably the most profound changes would be unimaginable good. In the end though this is still only my opinion, and as I searched I was still unable to find any modern Transcendentalist. Even with this fact I still believe strongly that Transcendentalism is a philosophy that America and the world should believe in and followed today. Throughout my research I think it is clear what Transcendentalism is defined as, what it meant, how and why he came into being, and who was responsible for it beginning. So perhaps the sun has set on Transcendentalism for now, but I think it is beginning to rise

again, and soon all of us will be quite Transcendental.