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human faculty? (Encarta 1). This meaning of transcendentalism then evolves into a ?…direct intercourse between Soul and God? (Ruben 1). In the end one leads their life by direction and in search of Institution to gain a direct link to their God. Now everyone should understand what it was like to be a Transcendentalist. Since what a transcendentalist should be a little clearer, one may wonder how and why it came into being. That is what will be describe now. Tomas A. Dailey and David M. Kennedy in their textbook The American Pageant stated that around 1810 started the second but not last spiritual evolution called the Enlightenment. This was a final blow against old Puritanism ideals, and it built one of the final walls between Church and State (Tomas Bailey and David Kennedy,

The American Pageant 164). Enlightenment is the period that gave rise to another important period called the Romantic Period, which popped up in England as well as here in America around 1750. During the Romantic Period,which was still influenced by Enlightenment, came the people who gave rise to Transcendentalism. What exactly was the ?Romantic Period?? As described by Steve K., this was a ?period of upheaval, a rage against the machine? of balance and order. Romanticism as it is also called focused on the individual and not the majority. The period had almost completely opposite views from the Enlightenment, which was ?a rebellion against the rationality. People of the Romantic period believed in ?a great respect and appreciation of nature…? . People also ?would consider

emotional instincts before they would consider reason and intellect…? (Steve K. The Romantic Period 1). By this description, it is easy to see how Transcendentalism came into being, but why did it when the Romantic period mainly affected art, literature and music? The answer is most of the people who started the Transcendental Club in Boston, Massachusetts in 1836 ,and continued it while keeping interest high. These were some of America?s greatest Romantic authors and essayists. Dr. Leon Jackson stated in a brief essay called American Romanticism: Sublime Thoughts and Penny Wisdom. ?The Phrases ?sublime thought?s? and ?penny wisdom? belong to Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Throeau, two of the leading Romantic or Transcendentalist authors…? (Dr. Leon Jackson American

Romanticism: Sublime Thoughts and Penny Wisdom 1). Finally, this is all tied into how Transcendentalism evolved from the feeling of the Romantic period, and why it is, is because of the main founders of Transcendentalism who were also Primary American Romantic authors. As stated in the last paragraph, many American Romantic authors started the Transcendental Philosophy. Such authors were before mentioned, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Throeau. There were also such authors as Bronson Amos Alkcott and Matgaret Fuller, who were also documented Transcendentalists. These four people were the push behind transcendentalism. This paper will next describe a little background of each of these people and hope to show the enormous contributions each had on spreading this philosophy. gives a good description of Ralph Waldo Emerson. The copy reads that he was a very influential author and thinker. He was also a Unitarian Minister, however he left his church. He traveled around Europe and met some of the popular British Romantic writers, such a Mary Shelly and Walt Witman. His journey influenced his kind of philosophy greatly. In 1836 he met Margaret Fuller and Thoreau and made a center of Transcendentalism. Emerson was a noted lecturer and writer, which he continued until his death in 1882. ( Emerson, Ralph Waldo 1). Emerson?s ?right hand man? was Henry David Thoreau ,who must have a place here. He to was one of the most influential men of his day. He followed Transcendentalism and was a close friend of Emerson. He was an editor

for the Transcendental magazine, The Dial. Thoreau is probably best remembered for his work, Walden. He was a powerful naturalist and social critic. His essay, ?Civil disobedience? reached leaders of the twentieth century. Among these great leaders were Muhatmu Gandhi and Martin Luther King ( Thoreau Henery,David.1) Bronson Amos Alcott is another Transcendentalist that deserves some background. He was an ?American educational and social reformer?. He a quite an inadequate star quote formal education, but he became a teacherand he founded Temple school in Boston.he also started a ?cooperative vegetarian community?. He also did major reform in the Concorde school system. Poverty plagued him throughout his life, but his also famous social reformer daughter Louisa May