Traits Essay Research Paper MIKE Rinaldi

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Traits Essay, Research Paper MIKE Rinaldi Literature 4-11- 01 People have many different traits that are alike and different. In the story, The Pigman John and Lorraine have traits that are similar and different. In the story it shows how they are the same, because they both over analyze a situation, and they are different because Lorraine is much more honest then John. In the story Lorraine and John both over analyze things, such as when Mr. Pignati is lying there dead John goes into great detail about different things like he says. Is Mr. Pignati all right? What do you care? Lorraine had said that morning. But I did care. She thinks she knows everything that goes on inside of me, and she doesn t know a thing. What does she want from me-to tell the truth all the time? To run

around saying it did matter to me that I live in a world where you can grow old and be alone and have to get down on your hands and knees and beg for friends? A place where people just forget about you because you get a little old and your mind s a bit senile or silly? Did she think that didn t bother me underneath? That I didn t know that if we hadn t come the Pigman would have just lived like a vegetable until he died alone in that dump of a house? Do you think you d like to go to the zoo with me tomorrow, Mr. Wandermeyer and Miss. Truman. Please .. Please. Didn t she know it made me sick to my stomach to know it s possible to end your life with only a baboon to talk to? And maybe Lorraine and I were only a different kind of baboon in a way. Maybe we were all baboons for that

matter-big blabbing baboons-smiling away not really caring what was going on as long as there were enough peanuts to think about-the whole pack of us-Bore and the Old Lady and Lorraine s mother included-baffled baboons concentrating all on the wrong things. As you see in this passage John goes off track and goes into a lot of detail just about one simple thing. In this story Lorraine also over analyzes things such as when she is talking about John s eyes you will see how she gets off track in this passage. Then there was John. I noticed him the very first day mainly because of his eyes. As I told, you he has these fantastic eyes that take in everything that is going on, and whenever they came my way, I looked in the other direction. His eyes reminded me of a description of a

gigantic Egyptian eye that was found in one of the pyramids I read about in a book on black magic. Somehow an archaeologist s wife ended up with this huge stone eye in her bedroom, and in the middle of the night it exploded and a big cat started biting the archaeologist s wife s neck. When she put the lights on, the cat was gone. Only pieces of the eye were scattered all over the floor. That s what John s eyes remind me of. You see in that passage that she goes in to this long story of how John s eyes reminded her of an eye she read about in a black magic book. In this story you will see how they are also very different in that Lorraine is much more honest the John. An example from the story is that, when John wants to go get the money from Mr. Pignati Lorraine is like no we

shouldn t go and John really doesn t care. She thinks Mr. Pignati sounds lonely and she really doesn t want to take the money In many ways in this story John is not honest. You will see from the next passage how he is dishonest. He says. I ve been thinking and I ve decided we d better go over there and collect the ten bucks. I ve been thinking and I decided we better not. She snapped. We re not doing anything bad, I insisted. You see in that line that John is dishonest by wanting to go over Mr. Pignati s house and take the money and lie to him. Many people are alike and the same at the same time. I have shown you that in this story that there are many reasons why Lorraine and John are alike but very different.