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Trainers? Report Essay, Research Paper Purpose: The purpose of this training session is to teach the trainee how to fold a turtle. In the Korean culture, by folding a thousand turtles, it brings truth, victory and luck to the person who is receiving it as a gift. Learning Objective: After this training session, the trainee will be able to successfully fold a turtle with different colors and sizes paper. Pre-training: Follow me step by step and will walk through each step consistently Finished turtles in a bottle to show trainee Training Plan: (Supplies Needed) ? 500 – 1000 pieces of color or plain 50 x 50 (mm) papers? bottle to hold 500-1000 turtles or something similar to hold them1) Take out one piece of paper from the box2) Fold paper in halve3) Open paper4) Fold paper

in quarters5) Repeat step 2 & 3 for the other side of the paper (now you have 16 small squares)6) Open paper7) Fold a triangle8) Open paper9) Fold another triangle for the other side of paper10) Take one corner and fold inward to the center point (do so for all 4 corners)11) Unfold and push opposite side of the paper inward to form a big triangle12) Take one corner of triangle and fold in to the center foot13) Repeat step 9 for all four corners14) Now that you have a little house shape, push all four corners in to center foot so that a diamond shape is formed15) Fold two corners in halve for both side16) Now fold the triangle in halves again for both side to make the legs for the turtle17) Fold the two corners of the diamond towards the middle to form a Christmas tree

shape.18) Do so for both side of the diamond19) Pull the top inward to make the head for the turtle20) Pull the other top inward to make the tail for the turtle21) Hold on to the four legs22) Gently pull outward to form the shell23) Now all you have to do is to repeat step 1 to 19, nine hundred ninety-nine times and the gift will be finishedPost Training:Remember to fold according to the crease that you have created and that whatever you do on one side, make sure you repeat it for the other side as well.Evaluation:? Did trainee complete all steps?? Is the turtle in the shape that it requires?? Did trainee missed or made an error on one of the steps?? Did the trainee remember all the steps required?