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wishes, this is why he is hunting after More. Since Sir Thomas More is being charged with treason he becomes a dangerous man to know, More realizes this so he tries to break friendships off with everyone he knows and cares for to help protect their own lives. More does this with his long time friend, Norfolk, who does not wish to break off his friendship with More. More goes to drastic measures to break off his ties with Norfolk to save his life; More does this by trying to start a fight between them. Norfolk believes that it is real and leaves in disgust over More and Sir Thomas is pleased that now Norfolk’s life should hopefully be spared. Sir Thomas More’s life is now ruined, everything he had is gone now because he would not take oath to the King approving of his church

take over and rule change. More does not mind because he is doing what he feels is right, while other people are just taking the oath not because of what it means but, because by doing it they are pleasing their King and saving their heads at the same time. Due to More’s beliefs and morals he is sent to trial and charged with treason and is sentenced to death, because he is sticking up for what is right no matter the cost. Sir Thomas More is a Tragic Hero, because he was willing to give up his life style, job, and ultimately his life for what is right. He became a martyr for his faith and gave others an example of how much they should stick to their morals and beliefs and not let anyone change them no matter who they are. 340