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supporters of Proposition 35 suggest that private contracting has been limited by several lawsuits filed by Caltrans bureaucrats. Opponents of Proposition 35 argue that Proposition 35 changes California’s Constitution so large engineering corporations don’t have to abide by the rules. The opposition further suggests that Proposition 35 will delay construction of roads, schools, and health care facilities because a new set of state regulations will need to be established. According to the opposition, the delays will cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. The most partisan supporter of Proposition 35 is the Structural Engineers Association of California. The Structural Engineers Association of California definitely has a special interest in making sure that Proposition

35 passes. The Structural Engineers Association of California represents the private sector engineers that will benefit from the state construction projects if Proposition 35 passes. If Proposition 35 passes, the members of the Structural Engineers Association of California will have more work projects. On the other hand, the most partisan opposition of Proposition 35 is the Professional Engineers in California Government and California State Employees Association. The California government engineers and Caltrans workers don’t want Proposition 35 to pass for obvious reasons. If Proposition 35 passes, the Caltrans worker will have less work and since their will be competitive prices, Caltrans can’t be so wasteful or they will have even less construction projects. Therefore,

the pro and con positions have very partisan supporters because the pro has something to gain and the con has something to lose if Proposition 35 passes. I hope and believe Proposition 35 will pass because I think taxpayers are sick of costly construction delays and the traffic delays. Personally, I have a problem with Caltrans doing construction on the highways during rush hour traffic causing huge backups and delays. By the time you drive past the construction area half of the Caltrans workers are standing around doing next to nothing and getting paid big bucks to be there. Without any competition the state worker union contracts allow for this waste, all at the taxpayers expense. I think many other rush hour commuters feel the same way as me and will vote for Proposition 35. I

think California taxpayers are sick of the construction projects that seem to be taking forever to finish or are abandoned without being finished for years. I think these fed up taxpayers will vote for Proposition 35 hoping that the private sector will not let the same problems occur and will actually get the projects done as soon as possible. The prices for the construction projects will also become more competitive when the market becomes open to outside contractors. California will be best served by adopting Proposition 35. Although the public and private sector will be working together to complete the thousands of projects, the private sector will most likely raise the Caltrans standards by being in competition with them. If the private sector were to let projects go

unfinished or to delay projects for long periods of time, the private sector would be fired from the project or face daily delay of completion penalties. Unfortunately, Caltrans can’t be fired because under current law there is nobody else to finish the project. By adopting Proposition 35 this will all change. Caltrans will be forced to finish projects as soon as possible or they run the risk of the private sector being paid to finish the job. The competition that Proposition 35 will create will be beneficial to California’s taxpayers and commuters. Caltrans will not be able to get away with standing around on the job doing next to nothing. The construction projects will get done faster and cheaper so the commute delays will not last as long. YES on Proposition 35 means road

projects will be finished sooner. No on Proposition 35 means Caltrans delays and costly overruns. So, do you want the government to use the private sector to complete projects on time and on budget or would you rather continue the Caltrans status quo of costly delays? Would you rather have rail transit and traffic relief projects completed at $2.5 billion savings to taxpayers or continue to have more traffic and more bureaucratic delays? Would you rather have the roads, schools and hospitals made earthquake safe or have a dangerous backlog of school and highway earthquake retrofit projects? The choice is yours. Make the right decision, YES ON PROPOSITION 35!