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in the pool, balance in life. He was no longer a tragic hero just a content protagonist. He was killed by someone who had not settled, partly due to Gatsby s shaking, and could not allow for others to settle. Gatsby dies at his most dignified, trying to fool himself on only one count, that he could escape his past. No one can escape their past. Attempting that would truly be a tragic venture. Those who do believe that they can escape their past and who they really are, are tragic heroes. The tragedy does not lie in the fact that they unsuccessfully fooled themselves, but because they believed that deception was the only means for promotion. Miller, Bradley and Sewall all worked towards the idea of deception and its effect on good, evil, social standing and personal perception.

Oedipus, Macbeth and Gatsby all run into trouble with the idea of perception in general. Their ideas of how they are perceived differ from the way they perceived themselves and how they want to be perceived. It is the basic struggle between perception and reality. What passes one man as reality may for another be a false perception. This works itself to a point where, if someone is attempting to create false perception, it may not always be taken as reality, as is the case in the three tragedies. The point where people start doubting the realities built for them is when the builders fall. The tragedy is the loss of the creativity, the strength, charisma, the positive power the builders possess. The builders though, always want more. As Jack Kerouac eloquently put it in his poem

Flies … And wasn t there ever a time when flies didn t seek the sun through forbidden windowpanes. (Kerouac) 31c