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Tracy Chapman Essay, Research Paper In Nineteen Eighty-eight Tracy Chapman released her self titled debut album that retraced echoes of racial difference throughout time. When released, Tracy’s first hit album sold vastly worldwide affecting millions of people’s firm beliefs on racism is just one year. In Nineteen Eighty-nine she sold ten million albums and won herself three Grammy’s. Tracy had herself off to a great start, but the best had just begun for this black vocalist. On her self titled album, she had several hits of which one led to some diligent listeners forever touched. Tracy was one of the first African American vocalists to show expression and feelings on a controversial level about race and power in a turmoiled country suffering from the aftershocks of

segregation among blacks and whites. One song, Fast Car, on her debut album led to the embarkment of who Tracy Chapman the singer was, is and quite possibly who she may become. This song, Fast Car is one of her most sensitive songs to gloat my ears. Hearing her sing and express herself on such an inner personal level emphasizes Tracy’s strength and determination. The beat sets a rhythm that you will hum for days. In the song Fast Car, Tracy literally relates her life to this fast car, hence the title. Many people don’t associate the title of the song and the interpretation while listening to the song. In my interpretation the song is the story of Tracy’s life and the travesties that she overcomes. The song is a progression over several years in her life. Fast Car takes us

through three stages in her life. There is no repetitive chorus in this song either which I find rather interesting because her chorus is the progression of her life. Tracy begins her award winning inspirational song and the first stage in her life by singing: “You got a Fast Car; I want a ticket to anywhere; Maybe we can make a deal: Maybe together we can get somewhere”. This beginning chorus states literally that Tracy wants to leave her life and she will leave it with anyone who is willing to go with her. It could very well be one of the saddest lines in the song, showing a deep and unsung depression. This line personally I feel relates to many peoples lives, how they want to escape the one thing they know in hopes of better. Imagine how many people can relate with Tracy

in those few phrases. The next verse in the song elaborates Tracy’s optimism towards her past and her future. She sings with eloquence: “Anyplace is better; Started from zero got nothing to lose; Maybe we’ll make something; But me myself I have nothing to prove”. Tracy sings about hating her life, and how she would like to state it over. I believe she’s stating how she has never known any better but she holds hope for the future. She doesn’t think it will take much to change her repetitive life. Tracy’s second chorus begins with: “You got a fast car and I got a plant o get us out of here; Been working down at the convenience store; Managed to save just a little bit of money; We don’t have to drive that far, just cross the border and into the city. You and I can

both get jobs and finally see what it means to be living”. In this verse I believe she says that she is making the best of her situation. Maybe that means living life as it has always been. Although Tracy lives with he agonizing patience of her better tomorrow. Everyone has their dreams and hopes. Tracy may not be as materialistic as others but she is more in touch with her personal side which gives the song great meaning. Tracy expands on her drama in the third chorus but only by elaborating more on her previous verse. In this verse, Tracy brings up a fairly painful event in her life. This verse also decodes a lot of the reason behind her actions and emotions Tracy has dealt with. She begins: “You see my old man’s got a problem. He lives with the bottle and that’s the