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Rodolpho?s a ?peace maker? trying to stop any violence from erupting, ?I wish to apologise.? His own guilt that Eddie created makes him feel he must do this. Eddie is persistent for his respect, ?He?s got my name.? At this point Beatrice is also trying to stop the inevitable, ?You want something else, Eddie, and you can never have her!? Like Alfieri, she reveals the truth about his feelings for Catherine, They are both horrified by this, but before any real feelings are expressed, the entrance of Marco adds further tension. This is an unstoppable explosive situation as they are both looking for revenge. Eddie shows he is more enraged first, ?I want my name, Marco.? Trying to show it is more his fault, before taking the first move against him.?We now see how that, because Marco is

stronger than him, Eddie relied on using a knife to give him the upper hand. It also shows how he had the intentions to prepare this for when he met up with him, and that his actions were not encouraged at the time. There is symbolism that Eddie brought his death on himself.?? As Alfieri started the play he now finishes it leaving the audience shocked from the twist in the storyline and to think for themselves about what has just happened. This dramatic device is used with great effect.To summarise the play we need to understand why the action took the course it did. We know from the start that Eddie brought up Catherine in perhaps the wrong way, it is displayed throughout the play and although she fostered his feelings, he could have changed. To begin with Catherine had a lot of

respect for Eddie adopting her but she realises herself through Eddies continuous jealous actions, he is wrong.? I personally feel as a play, Arthur Miller created Catherine to act this way as a sympathy tool for the audience, by including her, the audience can relate to her and easily distinguish the so called ?good and bad? characters of the play. ? The characters actions are only brought around by love and it is this that fuels the violence.? Catherine?s love for Rodolpho is real but as Eddie indicated, I feel that she is perhaps just taking the first man she can, to become more independent. She has love for Eddie as a father, but this is soon smashed by his jealous actions.? Eddie loves Beatrice as his wife struggled to have only ?fatherly? love for Catherine. Beatrice always

loved Eddie but this is complicated by his feelings for Catherine. We even see Marco has genuine love for his family, not just in helping his brother but also by his intentions to help his family back home.The other main factor that circulates the play is the family loyalties: Beatrice and her cousins, Marco and his wife, Eddie and his family and even the Lipari household. The problem is, the hatred and love go against the family connections.? This only ends in tragedy as the situations only complicate others further, and if families are betrayed it can bring whole communities of people against one other.? In this case it was Eddie Carbone, the seemingly innocent hard worker and ideal family figure.??????????? ? ?