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although feels further than ever from Catherine, tries to stop her leaving using the shocking action of kissing her.? As Rodolpho intervenes, he kisses him too. There is symbolism in how Eddie tries to portray that there is no difference between kissing a woman and Rodolpho, and this adds to the idea of him being feminine. For the first time now, Catherine uses physical force to stop Eddie, and this reveals she is angered to the point feels she must stop him. Catherine and Eddie?s relationship is now so badly damaged it would be improbable they could repair it.? Eddie visits Alfieri again and it reveals how helpless he is and that this is a last desperate attempt to prevent them getting married. A striking simile here is ?His eyes were like tunnels? this phrase could resemble a

missing fulfilment in Eddie?s life or perhaps a frightful sense of danger waiting to be released.? Alfieri becomes irritated at Eddies persistence, ?morally and legally you have no rights.?? This only makes Eddie more frustrated by the lack of legal rights to intervene. The only option he can see is to call the immigration office reporting Beatrice?s cousins. This connects ironically back to the story of Vinny Bolzano and how shocked he was to hear about it, although now he is playing, without realising it, the role of Vinny himself.????????? Beatrice is another character who adds to the guilt he feels, ?(He gets up, moves about uneasily, restlessly.? This comes from her continual accusing of Eddie. To add to this dramatic irony Catherine makes him feel more ashamed, her news of

marrying earlier for fear of the immigrants being caught. Eddie has confused feelings and is agitated, ?I realise I kept you home too much.? This is his first apology for his actions, however it has taken a lot to get this from him.????????? We see how Eddie?s character has now changed, ?get them out.?? He constantly worries about the two immigrants from Lipari?s family, as this will increase knowledge of what he has done. Up to the entrance of the immigrant officers Eddie becomes understandably more frantic, Catherine and Beatrice could seem a little naÏve, ?She stands a moment in realised horror.?? They only realised what has happened at the point of the officer?s entrance, which astonishes them. Marco is also shocked, ?he spits into Eddies face.? This shows his disgust; Eddie

does not seem to understand the concept of natural law, though when it is being used on him, ?Oh, you mothers-!? He is also threatening, ?I?ll kill you for that.? Although it is just a play it is still shocking to read how outrageous his response to Marco?s action are, and how from now all Eddies vengeful feelings are directed to Marco, instead of Rodolpho.Now that the immediate neighbourhood have been alerted, Marco sees this as the ideal opportunity to take further revenge by exposing what Eddie has done, ?That one, he killed my children!? although he changes the truth his accusation is still just as shocking. This obviously has a powerful effect as everyone now turns their backs physically and mentally leaving Eddie by himself in shame.????????? The situation has now for the

first time brought Rodolpho and Marco to Alfieri for the first ?law? situation, also Alfieri?s knowledge as a lawyer can be used for effect. Alfieri understands how Marco must feel against Eddie, ?You won?t touch him. This is your promise? Alfieri still believes Marco will look for revenge.? Catherine has lost all respect for Eddie, emphasising to Rodolpho how they must move on from here. This contrasts deeply how she felt at the start of the play.? Marco is looking to get back Eddie, ?The law, all the law is not in a book.? Marco is emphasizing that it is natural law for him to get revenge for what he feels is a traitor to his country.The next scene shows how although their marriage has been shaken, Beatrice and Eddie are still together. This must come from a solid feeling of

love for him and how Beatrice will always support him. As they talk it is revealed Eddie is still after his ?respect,? and an apology from Marco.? As Catherine enters, she rebellious to Eddie, ?How can you listen to him? This rat.? Repeating the fact Eddie should never of been able to tell anyone what to do. It has a greater impact as it reflects on her own personal ordeal. Beatrice is also worried about Eddie?s reaction, ?Shut up Katie.? She reveals this by trying to quieten Catherine. This however only has the opposite effect by emphasising Catherine?s comments. Eddie has lost control and has a sense of almost madness, ?Eddie seems about to pick up the table and fling it at her.? Eddie is only after revenge to Marco who humiliated him earlier and seems unstoppable in his quest.