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the only right one. ????????? Alfirei is very observant as a lawyer, ?Eddie. She can?t marry, you can she.? It is becoming obvious to him Eddie is jealous of Rodolpho as he easily detected this, Eddies thoughts are very confused, ?What?re you talking about, marry me! I don?t know what the hell your talking about.? His reaction to the truth being revealed is to block it out of his mind and deny any knowledge of knowing what Alfieri is talking about.? He continues to act as if it never happened, ?im- (He feels the threat of sobs, and with a helpless wave) I?ll see you around.? To avoid the awkward situation, he leaves in shame. ????????? Alfieri, even as a powerful figure in society himself feels he can do nothing. ?I knew where he was going to end I was so powerless to stop it.?

This he reveals in his scene summary. In the next scene all the household characters are involved. This is an ideal opportunity to view as the audience how they now react toward each other in the confinements of the social surroundings. Eddie is still frustrated with Rodolpho, ?I know lemons are green, for Christ?s sake.? To add criticism also makes the joke of Italian women not holding their responsibilities, but is also again able to twist the tension of his remarks to warn Rodolpho about the strictness in the area, ?it ain?t so free here either.? Rodolpho is able to pick this up, ?well I always have respect.? His comment also reveals he is aware of Eddies concern. Marco probably feels he must keep respect for Eddie, ?You come here early now.? Taking the side of Eddie.

????????? Catherine conveys her anger to Eddie for humiliating her and also indicates she is aware of Eddie?s actions. She does this by playing the record ?paper doll.? It is the natural law of revenge and has more significance to him, as it is Rodolpho?s nickname from working on the dock.? Eddie is becoming frustrated, ?Eddie turns his head away.? His first reaction to this is to act as if he has not realised her rebellious state. However this soon changes, ?Its wonderful, he cooks, he sings, he could make dresses.? This also re-emphasizes the contrast with his brother and the typical Italian image.? Eddie?s own dialogue now reveals a different side to him, which is perhaps just a cover up to give a fake image of how he really feels. In it he addresses Beatrice, telling her how

if he had the same ?talents? as Rodolpho, they would be living a better life somewhere else. Eddie would prefer if Rodolpho was not around, ?That?s why the waterfront is no place for him.?? Eddie thinks Rodolpho would not be able to cope in a fight situation and teaches him how to box, ?Just put your hands up like this.?? It is important to remember that Eddie is using the situation to release his own tension, being in the position to hit Rodolpho but get away with no physical conflict. ?Marco is able to notice Eddie?s jealousy, ?can you lift this chair?? This is a subtle test of Eddie?s strength. It is an important quote as it is his warning and a threat, and is aware of Eddie?s actions to his brother. The scene is charged with suppressed violence and connects with how Italians

are loyal to their family, ?Eddie?s grin vanishes as he absorbs his look,? physical strength is admired yet feared. The audience can easily see how the position of Marco and Eddie gives the visual impact of threat and superiority. ????????? We now see how Eddie?s excuses have worried Catherine and made her feel guilty, ?Suppose I wanted to live in Italy.? This is her test for Rodolpho?s devotion to their relationship. Rodolpho, although rejects her idea still passes the test, showing his care for Catherine?s well being, but emphasizing the difficulties of work and money problems that they would find. This restores Catherine?s confidence in his love and devotion to her, removing any doubts of Eddie?s idea, ?Passport to freedom.? ????????? Eddie has lost control over the situation.

Although he is drunk and this partly excuses his actions, the effects have obviously made him reveal his true thoughts in a disastrous way. To add to the unnerving atmosphere he becomes further enraged by the fact Catherine and Rodolpho have been disturbed as they rush out of her room. Eddie is unreasonable and irrational, ?Pack it up. Go ahead. Get your stuff and get outa here.? he orders Rodolpho to leave even though he is innocent of any wrong doing, Catherine is confident Eddie is wrong, ?(Trembling with fright) I think I have to get out of here, Eddie.? She is obviously scared and although confused from the change of character knows she is in danger. Reinforcing her intentions to leave but still feels she is letting Eddie down, ?(She sees the tears in his eyes)? Eddie