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frustrating, ?am I doing something wrong.? In her desperate search to be accepted she even blames herself. From the start we saw how Eddie was in charge of the relationship, but now Beatrice is angered by his lack of attention ?Eddie I want you to cut it out, right now, you hear me.? In Beatrice?s frustration she has stood up to him. The blatant accusing only frustrates and complicates Eddie?s thoughts, and it becomes clear their relationship is starting to break up.? This is just from Eddie?s anger toward Catherine and Rodolpho, not only is his marriage breaking apart but his relationship with Catherine is too.? Throughout this, it is important to remember that the negative actions and tensions running through the household are all because of Eddie; he is the only one jealous of

Catherine and Rodolpho.???? There is much irony with Louis and Mike, ?He comes around, and everybody?s laughing.? The tense atmosphere increases immediately when Eddie meets his friends on the pier, putting further strain on Eddie?s thoughts and feelings. You get the impression Louis and Mike know to talk about Rodolpho in such a way as Eddie becomes unbearably uncomfortable, ?Yeah (troubled) He?s gota sense of humour.?? He only gives short answers to his friend?s tedious and drawn-out remarks. This whole scene is humorous in that no matter how tense Eddie becomes Louis and Mike continue to build on their remarks, repeating how much they like Rodolpho.? On Catherine?s return we see how she and Eddie react toward one another, this is one of the few chances we get where the two

main characters convey their real feelings towards one another. We now see that Eddie grows tense when Catherine is out, ?I don?t see you no more, I come home your running around some place.?? Catherine becomes frustrated too at Eddie, ?What?s the matter, you don?t like him?? This is Catherine?s concern of Eddie?s distrust in Rodolpho.? Eddie finds it difficult to talk directly to her, ?You gonna marry him?? She avoids answering.? Eddie clearly wants to resume the relationship, hence the friendly approach of smiles, and in Catherine?s case punching his arm. Eddie feels he has to be more direct but he still keeps the conversation ?safe,? from that, Rodolpho should ask permission, onto the passport to freedom, ?Katie he?s only bowin to his passport.? As the intensity of his

accusations increase, Catherine feels more let down and perhaps guilty, ?He loves me.? She?s reflecting this in her answers using short, sharp lines and denying anything Eddie promotes.? Eddie is becoming frantic criticising Rodolpho. Eddie blames him for spending his pay on clothes instead of sending it home to his family; he also finishes with the simple declaration ?The guy is no good.? Just from his speech there is a loss of control and frustration, ?You don?t think so!?? This reflects directly to other people that he is frantic and becoming erratic in his actions. To perfectly counteract this conversation we see Catherine?s other side of the argument in the form of Beatrice. The key words used here are ?baby,? ?little girl? and ?grown woman.?? Catherine is not guilty in any

real sense of the word but Beatrice makes it clear that she has helped to foster Eddie?s feelings for her, from her girlish affection. Beatrice uses the fact again and again that she is independent, grown up and the fact that Eddie has no control over her actions.? We see Catherine?s response to Eddie?s thoughts as self-doubt, becoming reluctant to hurt his feelings.? As Catherine grew up she saw Eddie as her father figure and for this has much respect for him. Beatrice knows there is this sense of jealousy, ?If it was a prince came here for you it would be no different.? There is definite discomfort now in Catherine as well as Beatrice although more hidden, and this mirrors how they act towards him and each other. ????????? IN the next scene Alfieri takes part as a normal

character. He does not abandon his chorus role, however he introduces Eddie with a brief speech and links the next section with another soliloquy.? His certainty of disaster communicates itself to the audience. It is almost as if Eddie?s destiny has over taken him, and as if he has already committed the crime, he is filled with guilt and revenge but has so far held this all in.? Alfieri?s tone and context always follow the main idea of law, ?I don?t understand what I can do for you. Is there a question of law somewhere?? He repeats throughout words such as ?law,? ?legal,? ?proof? and ?nothing to be done.? This contrasts Eddies words, ?I know,? ?I mean,? ?I see? and ?right.? They are talking two different types of evidence, natural and legal leaving Eddie with what he thinks is