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and actions.Alfieri endorses this point by emphasising what a good Uncle and husband he is.? ?He was a good man as he had to be in life that was hard and even.? He worked on the piers when there was work, he brought home his pay, and he lived.?? Marco and Rodolpho?s arrival signals the start of the turning point in Catherine and Eddie?s relationship. Eddie?s open greeting to Beatrice?s cousins reveal his warm and confident character.? Marco shows he has a lot of respect for Eddie and reflects this by thanking people frequently, quietening his brother and refusing food.? He is keen to avoid taking liberties whereas; Rodolpho is excitable and less mature. There is also contrast in the physical appearance of the brothers, ?He?s practically blonde,? This is Catherine and Beatrice?s

surprised reaction.? The brothers? background is important, as it reflects how they act towards other people and their surroundings.? ?In our town there are no piers only the beach and little fishing boats,? this now shows us that as poor peasants looking for work they will have high expectations of America, ?The New Colossus.??Eddie obviously sees Marco and Rodolpho as a threat to his relationship with Catherine ?What?s the high heels for Garbo,? ?Do me a favour will you? Go ahead.? Eddie is again angered over Catherine?s appearance.? Together with Eddie?s other critical comments the audience can feel the tension developing.? Eddie envies the attention Catherine and Rodolpho are paying to each other.? He shows Rodolpho, he has authority over Catherine and conveys a warning to

both of them not to become tempted.? The stage directions emphasise this point and it is clear that Catherine is both embarrassed and angered at being made look stupid.Catherine?s first feelings towards Rodolpho are important and we need to know why and what she feels for him.? You would think if anyone, she would be attracted to Marco being tall, dark and strong, the typical macho hero figure, whereas Rodolpho could not be any more different and the contrast with his brother makes him seem even more unusual. His most striking feature is his blonde hair, which he attributes to the Danes having invaded Sicily. Later on however, Eddie drops hints that it might be dyed.Rodolpho is young, immature and excited and this is just what Catherine finds so charming. ?Listening to the

fountain like birds,? this is one of the many similes he uses.? We also discover that he laughs a lot and tells exaggerated stories, such as the motorbike and singing in the hotel. Catherine is attracted to Rodolpho now she sees herself as grown up and independent and this surely influences her sudden interest in him. Rodolpho may seem over confident, conceited and thoughtless, but he always seeks permission from Marco for his actions.? They are close brothers, but it is obvious that Marco is the wiser and more respected, ?If we can stay here a few months, Beatrice,? his gratitude and respect being revealed.? ?Because I could send them a little more if I stay here,? indicates that Marco is affectionate and cares for his own family. The tragedy is underway and all this action is

developing before Eddie.? Due to his situation, he becomes more and more agitated.? Eddie?s attempts to intervene in Catherine and Rodolpho?s relationship are ineffective.? Rodolpho is affectionate to Catherine already in singing ?paper doll,? which she finds flattering. There is further symbolism in her offering him sugar to which he readily accepts, all this adds to Eddie?s jealous and resentful attitude. Once again Alfieri recaps and leaves the audience to think for themselves about the characters.? This is a very useful dramatic device, it reminds the audience to look for the parts that reveal the most information. It also gives further participation with the characters on stage, thus becoming more personal.We see a long duologue between Eddie and Beatrice.? Eddie now becomes

agitated when Catherine is out, ?When he ain?t working. He ain?t supposed to go advertising himself.? We know Catherine and Rodolpo have been dating for two weeks and are at the pictures when the scene opens. It is clear Eddie?s concern has grown; he pretends he is worried for Rodolpho?s safety, although it is obvious he is only becoming agitated at the thought of them being together out of his sight. Beatrice senses his distrust, ?(Smiling) Ah, go on, you?re just jealous.?? However, she keeps her feelings safe by presenting her thoughts almost as a joke? Beatrice only wants what is best for Catherine and reflects this by supporting all her actions.? As Eddie?s wife Beatrice feels left out and even rejected, ?When am I gonna be a wife again Eddie?? She finds the situation