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Edie?s concern over how Catherine presents herself, ?You?re walkin wavy.? He seems concerned for her safety but perhaps as her Uncle, he is jealous because of how, in a family relationship cannot have her to himself. There appears to be a slight friction between them just from this first disagreement.Eddie is possessive and protective, this is reflected in his views on the attention Catherine is attracting from younger men, ?Now don?t get mad kid,? This is Eddies caring side coming through when he reassures her. Eddie is married to Beatrice, who is a major factor in Eddie and Catherine?s changing relationship.? The fact that Eddie is married adds surprise to the way he acted earlier with Catherine.? Beatrice is frantic and constantly worrying, ?(astounded and afraid) I?m ?I just

-I can?t believe it! I didn?t even buy a new tablecloth.? Beatrice is very worried about the fact her cousins will be illegally staying at their house, but Eddie shows he is caring towards her too. ?Listen they?ll think it?s a millionaires house compared to the way they live.?? In his role as a husband, Eddie is concerned to keep everything running smoothly and keeping everything under control. ?He manages to maintain a steady laidback attitude, and apart from this helping Beatrice calm down it also shows he is not afraid of the law and its consequences for being caught.? This links in with the Italian love, devotion and loyalty to family and country, and is shown dramatically when we hear about ?Vinny Bolzano,? and Eddie?s own response to hearing it, ?The kid snitched?? On his

own uncle!?. what, was he crazy.?? It again emphasizes the Italian importance of loyalty and the shock of betrayal.? Beatrice obviously loves Eddie and praises him for his control on the situation, ?You?re an angel! God?ll bless you (he is gratefully smiling) you?ll see, you?ll get a blessing for this!?? This reveals the closeness of their marriage and their respect for each other.?? Eddie once again becomes uncomfortable at Catherine?s increasing independence.? He does not realise that she is at a point of change, ?No, no you gonna finish school,? He feels a great sense of loss and is swamped with emotion.? His pride for her seems to be lifted but in the process he is becoming further from her, Catherine does not have to listen to Eddie but out of respect feels she has to.?? His

abnormal reaction is emphasized by the fact that jobs are vital in such an economically depressed era; she is incredibly lucky to have such an opportunity.? In contrast, Beatrice is supportive and encouraging.? Eddie senses this and becomes more sympathetic perhaps just to cover up his earlier mood.? The friction is increasing.Eddie has some arrogant feelings about Catherine ?That?s life. And you?ll come visit on Sundays, then once a month then Christmas and New Year?s, finally,? Catherine senses this and feels let down, ?(grasping his arm to reassure him and to erase accusation) No please!?? Eddie is also critical of Beatrice, ?You got a good Aunt but she?s got too big a heart.? This reveals that Eddie is protective of Beatrice and that he does not want her to be taken advantage

of, but is also using the fact as an excuse for his behaviour.? He is over reacting about anything concerning Catherine becoming more independent.?? Overall the dramatic mood has changed. Eddie continues to play the role of the more experienced man by giving further advice to Catherine. This only comes after the story of Vinny Bolzano, he explains the process of illegal immigration, but as the stage directions indicate there is another change in the atmosphere.? We are told that tears come to his eyes and Catherine does not know how to respond and embarrassed tries to laugh it off. Eddie shows his discomfort by reaching for a cigar. The prospect of Catherine going out into the world is difficult for Eddie to accept. He knows she will no longer be the baby in the family for him to

support and protect, and he does not know how to deal with his over-protective and emotionally corrupted feelings for her.? At this part in the play, it becomes obvious that the tragedy Alfieri predicted is now linked directly to Eddie and Catherine?s situation. ?In this play, the stage directions are very important as they give the movement and life to characters, and also allow further expressions through movement.? It gives the audience a clearer view of positions on stage, social and physical, ?She hurries out. There is a slight pause, and Eddie turns to Beatrice, who has been avoiding her gaze.? This is particularly important to this play as it reveals how Beatrice feels towards Eddie at the time and although she respects him, she is now deeply concerned over his thoughts