Trace And Explore The Changing Relationship Between

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Trace And Explore The Changing Relationship Between Catherine And Eddie Throughout The Play Essay, Research Paper ` ??????? ? In order to do this, we need to understand the background of the writer himself. Arthur Miller was born in Manhattan, New York in 1915.? His parents were immigrants to America living prosperously due to their successful manufacturing business, but following the Wall Street Crash in 1929 the business collapsed and the family moved to Brooklyn.? Miller was fortunate to find work as a warehouseman, and saved desperately to go to Michigan University. He graduated in 1958, and earned a living in journalism writing scripts for radio.During World War II he worked in a shipyard where the majority of the workers were Italian.? Here he became aware of ?family

centred concerns,? and viewed many of the social problems surrounding him.Arthur Miller produced and wrote many plays, all with varying success.? Many of these examined the individual in relation to their position in society and responsibility, therefore many were seen as political.He wrote ?A View from the Bridge? in 1955, and we see immediately Miller?s own historical context as details from his life are incorporated, this makes the play almost autobiographical. It gives the environment as a whole, a more realistic and personal feel.? The dialect of the characters is broken English. This adds realism and sets geographical context. It also suggests social class and standards, ?you oughta see what comes outa.? This distinct Italian-American dialogue follows throughout the play

and we see more in Rodolpho and Marco, the immigrants.The play in set out in two main acts, separated by a time span.? This helps move the play along and gives the audience a chance to see how the characters develop.? This reflects the style and context of the play, and also social and historical context of the setting and history of the character themselves. Miller uses Alfieri as the narrator and also a character in the play. He appears in vital points predicting an outcome, summarising the action and giving personal views from his characters.? Alfieri is the first person the audience sees and is a dramatic device; he gives an immediate personal connection talking to the audience directly. As a lawyer we know he can be trusted, he represents the official and legal law and is

well respected for this, ?The two pitchers nod to him as he passes.? He talks in retrospect and even uses an extended metaphor to create an impression of the area these characters are placed. ?This is the gullet of New York swallowing the tonnage of the world.?? It also emphasizes greed and corruption giving the play a definite placement to the play with ominous overtones.? He gives away that there will be a tragedy at the end, ?and sat there as powerless as I, and watched it run its bloody course.? At first glance this could be seen as badly written, however when Alfieri gives these clues, it prepares the audience for tragedy enabling the audience to pick up on what to look out for. This adds to the progressional build up of tension. Following his prediction there is a link with

the tragedy and the main character Eddie, ?this ones name was Eddie Carbone.? It instantly shows us that Eddie is involved directly to what will happen.In the fist scene we meet Catherine and Eddie. This is where we can begin to get an understanding of their relationship. In the opening scene, you are swept into believing that their relationship is different than it actually is. ?Hi Eddie? ?Eddie is pleased and therefore shy about it.? It would seem that perhaps they are ?going out,? close friends, or even brother and sister.? Family relations are soon confirmed, ?Oh if your mother was alive to see you now.? This indicates Eddie?s first sense of pride in her.? Eddie is protective of ?I think its too short aint it.? He says when he inspects her new dress.? We become aware of