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the first time and every time and you get a good final product” (1994). He also goes on to state that it is necessary to check each step “along the process to make sure the product is safe and the process is in control – instead of relying on the end product when it’s too late to correct the problem” (1994).ConclusionThe food industry is an industry where it is a necessity that health andsafety are given a number one priority, and with a Total Quality Managementsystem in place, it becomes much easier to facilitate these needs. If anyfood product becomes contaminated it could mean illness for any customerwhich consumes this product, which could bring about lawsuits and even anOccupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigation whichcould result in the

closing of the business.I was part of a management team at a local fast food restaurant and I feelthat our employee turnover rate was extremely high compared to otherbusinesses in town. By implementing a Total Quality Management system suchas the one used by Taco Bell, these turnover problems could subside to acceptable levels, along with increased customer satisfaction.The three most important factors in any food service business are cleanliness quality, and service. A Total Quality Management program, if implemented properly from the top down, with everyone involved in the program believing in it, would ensure the three factors are met and will constantly continue to improve. I feel that this is a very important factor in an industry that is so diverse and ever-changing.

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