Tourism to Italy

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Tourism to Italy. The most widespread tourism in италию is shopping tourism. Therefore it is important to know rules of the organization of turn in Italy. Italians the people loveful, very sociable so be not surprised if suddenly from the turn end the whole crowd of Italians appears suddenly ahead simply because Francheska whom they didn't see from the first class, it is necessary ahead and to communicate through ten persons inconveniently. But it is not necessary to be afflicted, Italians at all it are very fair. If in their basket of 25 things from Dolche, and at you only one vest from Pimki, without any conversations they pass you forward. Girls should perceive this sort of displays of kindness cautiously. Don't forget, Italians as well as all men in the world love

exotic. So blondes take care!!! But it is not necessary to perceive each Italian, as a danger sign. Actually they are safe also a maximum that it can make to you it to suggest to marry them. And anything terrible that it already has one wife or the friend of 6 years. The most terrible is covered just in the Italian women. They are less friendly, despite that smile. Thus, of the girl pay attention to a ring finger of the left hand and learn a phrase: tu sei fidanzata? At restaurant it is necessary to remember that is much more the European portions, than in Russia. Don't order all and at once to have time to try all! It is bad idea. You risk not only not to get into the new dress bought on sale from дольче, but also to lie all days off in illness of a stomach or that is

worse. As to tip. It is necessary to leave so much, how many you consider it necessary. Don't forget that coins too have the price. Also it will be absolutely quite good to leave all rattling coins on tip. And to you it is easier also to the waiter pleasantly. The most part of Italians - Catholics. Catholic churches don't forbid, as orthodox, a finding to women in bare-headed church. This religion is more liberal. If you go in Italy without special knowledge of language in dialogue with the Italian read body language. I promise at the lowest level of Italian on their gesticulation it is possible to understand all. And in that case be more careful in the gesticulation. Remember, that in Russia means one, can speak absolutely about opposite in Italy. And the last. Welcome all and

everywhere!!!! They love it. Преподаватель - А. М. СубботинаТемы семинарских занятий по дисциплине «Документационное обеспечение управления СКСТ» (ОО, 4 курс)Тема 1. Специфика управления организациями в СКСиТ и ее отражение в характере документов.1. Туризм и сервисные услуги как виды деятельности.2. Особенности организаций СКСиТ3. Особенности управления организациями СКСиТ4. Наименования документов, используемых в СКСиТ в зависимости от

видов деятельности /5. Развитие офисных технологий в СКСиТТема 2.Требования нормативно-методической базы к документам в сфере СКСиТ1. Требования в отношении договоров.2. Требования к документам, связанным с обеспечением качества услуг в СКСиТ (сертификация) \У 3. Требования к документам, используемым в ходе оказания услуг в сфере СКСиТ (путешествие,размещение, экскурсия, питание и т.д.). 4. Требования к документам, связанным с