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throughout the park. The park is over 412-acres and it stretches for 1.75 miles west from the Brandenburg Gate. D) The Berlin Wall If you want to see what remains of the infamous Berlin Wall head down Charlottenstrasse and then west along Leipzigerstrasse. There you can see one of the best examples of what remains of the Wall. E) The Berlin Radio Tower The Berlin Radio Tower was built in 1924 for the Third German Broadcasting Exhibition. Standing at 138-meters high, this steel-latticed tower is a fantastic viewing point with panoramic bird’s-eye views of the city. An elevator takes you to the observation deck at 125 meters to admire the vista. There is a restaurant at the 55-meter level. F) The Charlottenburg Palace (Schloss Charlottenburg) The Charlottenburg Palace is the

oldest surviving Prussian palace in Germany. Building began in 1695 and was completed in 1790. There are 70 rooms and corridors crammed full of ornate furnishings and Watteau paintings. The east wing houses an incredible collection of romanticist paintings while the west wing houses a collection of ancient and prehistoric art and artifacts. Take a guided tour of the royal apartments and then stroll through the formal gardens that surround the palace. G) The Reichstag The Reichstag, built in 1884-94, has witnessed many of the key moments in 20th century German history. It has seen the Proclamation of the German Republic in 1918, endured a burning in 1933, a storming in 1945 by Russian troops and German Reunification in 1990. Since its renovation in 1999, it has housed the

Bundestag (Parliament). H) Soviet War Memorial (Treptower Park) Treptower Park houses a very sobering monument to the Soviet soldiers who died fighting Hitler. The park also contains a mass grave for the 5,000 soldiers killed in action. Walk the tree-lined avenue to see a statue of Mother Russia crying for her dead children. There are huge white stone reliefs set up in a manner not unlike the Stations of the Cross. They bear quotations from Stalin and depict how the Soviets won out against Fascism. At the far end of the park there is a massive statue of a heroic Soviet soldier clutching a child in one arm and smashing a swastika with the other. I) The Jewish Quarter The Scheunenviertel (Stable Quarter) is both Berlin's newest hot spot and one of its oldest areas. It was

originally founded in the 17th century outside the medieval city walls. It survived Allied bombing raids and the Red Army's assault on the city. Recently, the quarter’s old buildings are being reincarnated as trendy bars, cafes, restaurants, and galleries. It is lively, trendy and bohemian and well worth a visit. 5.3. Eat, Drink, Nightlife Berlin offers a wide range of possibilities to go out. Restaurants, Pubs and clubs of all kind and for every gusto invite you. Many places and streets are perfect night walks because one restaurant is here next to the other. Many restaurants invite you to discover the delicacies of Berlin's cuisine. In a cosy ambiance you can savour the regional specialities and discover the variety of typical food along the meetballs (Bouletten) and Berliner

Weiße (beer with juice). The whole world is at home in Berlin. Restaurants offer food from around the world, from Argentina to Zimbabwe, folkloristic or exclusive. You are at the right place in Berlin to go on a culinary journey around the world or to discover really particular food. Savigny-Platz Night owls with stamina can also give their undivided attention to the interesting range of pubs around Savignyplatz in Charlottenburg. The area consist of a great number of restaurants and bars where everyone can meet the stars of television or Berlin's culture and political scene. Here is the melting pot that combines symbolically the former west and the new centre to a harmonic construction. Pariser Straße and Ludwigkirchplatz Especially the younger crowd is attracted to

the Pariser Straße. At this location you will find taverns, bars, American diners, Mexican restaurants and very modern and stylish discos. During the summer life concentrates on the street in form of many chairs and tables that invite us to rest. In the middle of this street the well-maintained Ludwigkirchplatz with its rich areas of green providing a relaxing shadow is located. The Winterfeldtplatz and Schöneber The Winterfeldtplatz is the location of a frequently visited market. In the numerous taverns and bars, plenty of customers, tourists and locals meet each other. The scene is uncomplicated and open minded, also due to the presence of Berlin's gay population. In Goltzstraße the Schönebergers meet in places such as the Café M, Lux or one of the