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activities, such as hiking and bicycle tours, excursions and seminars which give the opportunity to explore the most beautiful hiking trails through the region´s forested landscapes. The Stubnitz area is not just worth a visit because of its magical chalk landscape, it is also the home of mythical figures. On guided tours, organised on a regular basis by the national park administration, you will find out everything about Hertha, a Germanic goddess, and Störtebecker, a pirate who is said to have buried treasure somewhere in this area. Highlights: - Cape Arkona with the little town of Vitt - the fishing port of Sassnitz with its fishing museum - "Piratenschlucht" (pirate´s gorge) in Sassnitz - Greifswald's museum with an exhibition of paintings by Caspar

David Friedrich - historic craftsmen's dwellings in Gingst - Grümbke lookout tower near Neuenkirchen Activities: Jasmund offers a wide range of guided tours (daily tours take place from April - September, both from the parking lot in Hagen to the Königsstuhl and from Sassnitz to the bizarre rock formations of "Wissower Klinken"). Furthermore, you can visit numerous exhibitions (at the national park visitors´ center at the Königsstuhl and also at the Granitz hunting lodge near Sellin). The biosphere reserve "South East Rügen" organises further hiking and bicycle tours, as well as excursions. B) The Wadden Sea of Hamburg National Park The Wadden Sea of Hamburg National Park, which is the smallest of three mud-flats national parks, is

characterized by three islands: "Neuwerk", widely covered with meadows and with a population of 40, "Scharhörn", with its sand dunes, and "Nigehörn" which has been created artificially. The island group is located directly at the mouth of the river Elbe near Cuxhaven in northern Germany and protects a landscape of approximately 12,000 hectares of wadden sea. On guided tours you not only have the opportunity to learn about the region´s landscape but also about the islands´ historical background. On the way from Neuwerk to Scharhörn you will walk along trails leading across seemingly endless mud-flats. Scharhörn, which used to be a sandbank, is a tourist attraction mainly for its sea bird colonies. On a visit to the

ornithological station you will see one of the largest colonies of sea swallows. Highlights: - carriage ride across mud-flats from Sahlenburg to the island of Neuwerk - voyage with the MS "Flipper" from Cuxhaven to the island of Neuwerk - guided walks across the Wadden sea - guided tours to the bird colonies, salt marshes and wadden sea of Neuwerk - guided tours to Scharhörn, the bird sanctuary - searching for amber on the "Kleiner Vogelsand" - amber exhibition on the island of Neuwerk Activities: We recommend national park visitors on day trips to take a walk along the main dyke, from which you can see the foreshore with its bird colonies but also the island´s interior. Cars are banned on the islands. For this reason tours, for example, to the

fortified tower of the island of Neuwerk, through the salt marshes of the foreshore with their abundance of flora and fauna, or to the "Ostschleuse" lock, can either be made on foot or by horse-drawn carriage. C) The Wadden Sea of Lower Saxony National Park Make a trip to one of the most impressive wadden sea landscapes. High up, in northern Germany, at the North Sea coast of Lower Saxony, the Wadden Sea of Lower Saxony National Park is located. It protects the wadden seas landscape between the river Ems and the river Elbe, including the offshore East Frisian Islands. The national park offers amazing natural spectacles and various landscapes, such as salt-marshes, which are typical of this region, the steep coast near Dangast and the "swimming bog" near

Sehestedt, Germany's only remaining bog landscape located outside the country's dykes Highlights: - Wadden Sea House in Wilhelmshaven - Norddeich seal station - Lightship and whale-bone fence on the island of Borkum - Fisherman's House Museum on the island of Norderney - Dornumsiel Castle, surrounded by water - German Shipping Museum in Bremerhaven - Old lighthouse on the island of Wangerooge Activities: The surrounding area offers a wide range of sightseeing opportunities, such as the East Frisian islands of Juist and Norderney. Whether you want to go swimming and enjoy the broad beaches, take a ride in a carriage across the island or a walk through the salt-marshes, the national park´s recreation and leisure program will guarantee a lot of fun and relaxation. D) The