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Deutsche Touring is one of the most important bus companies in Europe. In cooperation with foreign partners, it provides regular international services linking over 700 cities throughout Europe. Regional and urban public transportation operators and associations offer a rich network of short distance bus trips. By car. If you are travelling by car, an ultra-modern and efficient freeway network awaits you. Over 700 restaurants, gas stations, motels and kiosks are open day and night to travellers driving across the approximately 11,000 km freeway network of the Federal Republic. German roads are excellent, and motorised transport can be a great way to tour the country, although most towns have problems with car-parking. The national and famous motorway network known as autobahn can

be wonderful and nightmare. Bicycle touring in Germany is very popular. There are often separate cycling routes in the cities, towns and in the countryside, but cycling on the autobahn is strictly not allowed. 3. Accommodation in Germany. There is a wide variety of accommodation possibilities in Germany ranging from a private room to a vacation home up to a luxury hotel. There are also lower priced lodgings available. Either way, standards are set and checked so that you can expect a comfortable place to stay in every case. Hotel corporations and regional and local tourism organisations publish their own accommodation directories. You can make room reservations directly through the hotel chain reservation systems, hotel corporations, the airports and tourism organisations. Travel

agencies also work closely with hotels. More and more hotels and hotel chains in Germany are including youth specials into their programs. Special youth hostels and youth hotels have dedicated and specialised themselves to tourists needs. They can even be accommodated close to the city centers. Vacation villages and vacation apartments are a good idea for spending more than one night somewhere. Tourists can also spend the night at one of more than 2000 camping sites or in one of over 600 youth hostels. Bed & Breakfast is not just a British speciality. Almost all tourist information points can find you a private room on arrival and can sometimes even make advance reservations. Hotel rooms in Germany have a wide selection of price ranges. You can stay overnight in luxury

suites, rooms in middle class hotels or very inexpensive accommodation in smaller hotels. From Flensburg to Munich, from Aachen to Dresden, you can find hotels to fit your needs according to German hotel classification standards. Hotels are classified based on a uniform criteria and are categorised by a certain number of stars (i.e. **** = luxurious). Some of Germanys` finer hotels are Accor, ArabellaSheraton and Maritim Camping & Caravaning Whether staying in an RV trailer, motorhome or within the four walls of your tent, you can be right at home in any beautiful setting. For a few days or several weeks, delightful landscapes can be directly outside your front door. Relax in nature and recover from the hectic pace of everyday life. Germany offers an abundance of camp sites

in areas chosen for the incredible scenery they possess, and their gates are open to everyone. For your vacation, you can choose from sites located in more tourist areas or, for longer stays, get away to more remote locations in the middle of the most gorgeous surroundings. Guesthouses & inns Besides hotels in all categories, there is naturally also a variety of guesthouses and inns which can be found almost everywhere in Germany. They offer a good opportunity for enjoying a low-priced vacation in a family atmosphere. Youth hostels The youth hostels in Germany are open to all people, whether young or old. Suitable for short visits or longer stays, hostels are ideal for many different types of people and activities. Guests can include single people, families, tour groups,

sport teams and youth groups. They come for everything from vacation camps to ski trips as well as conferences and seminars. The only requirement is that one must be a member of the German Youth Hostel Association. Vacation on a farm The most beautiful time of the year is awaiting you right outside your door. Vacation farm areas can provide with peaceful, unencumbered days. Out in the country, you will find elements of life that you otherwise may not experience. Instead of the hectic pace of everyday life that makes you feel unacknowledged, you encounter real hospitality in a warm, personal atmosphere. You will find yourself rejuvenated in such a natural setting whether just walking outside, fishing, biking or horseback riding. There's no end to the new experiences and