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disease is long and ongoing, and most people have it throughout their entire lives. There is no cure for Tourettes Syndrome, but there have been patients that have improved on their disease; this was almost to a point where they did not need medications anymore. There are a few patients who have recovered completely in their teenage years. After a while people with Tourettes Syndrome learn to live with their conditions. There is always one risk in having Tourettes Syndrome. If they continually have severe tics, they might become more antisocial and very depressed. They could develop severe mood swings and have panic attacks. Tourettes Syndrome does not make the person any less smart. When the person with TS gets older, the tics seem to decrease. This enables some patients to stop

using the medications, if they were using it for any tics. Although the tics may seem to decrease there are other symptoms that may occur; these include depression, panic attacks, mood swings, and people may become antisocial. There are effects from Tourettes Syndrome that may vary through out the patient?s life. There may be times through out the coarse of the person?s life that they may go through a time period where the tics do not occur. Then the tics will eventually return. Some people, who are affected with Tourettes Syndrome, are able to restrain their tics for very small periods of time. There is only one way to prevent this disease, Tourettes Syndrome. It is for a couple not to have children if one of them has Tourettes Syndrome. Every child who has a parent with

Tourettes Syndrome only has a fifty percent chance of not inheriting Tourettes Syndrome. Tourettes Syndrome is not a common disease; therefore the school needs to be informed if they have a child with this disease in their school. Children who have Tourettes Syndrome are often kept at home and are home schooled; because, many people believe that they are a disturbance to the class, and other students? learning.