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meaningful motivator for organisations quality initiatives. ISO 9000 and BS5750 are these various standards which many organisations believe to be a starting point to Total Quality Management. Third party certification is seen to be a good marketing tool. Fresher plc must understand what is expected of them from the market. A method of improvement and standardisation for these needs is a process called Benchmarking. This is quite simply a practice of measuring and comparing key aspects of Fresher’s business practices with those of other organisations to establish measures of relative performance. Aspects to be compared include :  Costs and prices  Methods  Features  Service levels  Practices  Processes  Customer satisfaction Measurement of the Cost of

Quality The costs of quality go beyond just measuring defects on the production line. A traditional approach broadly categorises quality costs as : Prevention costs These are associated with the design, implementation and maintenance of the total quality management system. It includes costs of action taken to investigate, prevent or reduce defects and failures in processes or products and services. These are efforts to prevent mistakes happening in the first place like planning, training and assurance. Appraisal costs These are the non-added value costs associated with checking, examining or inspecting processes and products. These are efforts by the company to discover mistakes after they have occurred. Failure costs The costs of actions taken to correct defects and failures in

products and services which do not meet customer requirements. These are efforts to correct problems that have occurred internally and externally, before and after transfer of ownership to the customer. Internal failure costs include expenditure on scrap, rework and other errors occurring in the business. External failure costs include expenditure on complaints repair and servicing, warranty claims, returns, liability claims and other problems arising after the customer has received the product. By reducing all types of costs Freshers can strive to have a more improved Total Quality throughout its organisation. In conclusion it is clear that there are many steps for Total Quality Management to take place within any organisation. However, for Fresher plc its important for the

management to understand that TQM is not just a programme, with a start and finish point, but a process of never- ending improvement. According to John Oakland there are three basic principles to this continuous improvement : focusing on the customer, understanding the process and seeing that all employees are committed to quality. Fresher plc should begin with management change and a corporate vision implemented through a mission statement. Commitment, Teamwork and good communication will aid the improvement of operating processes within the business which will hopefully lead to the business earning back their customer base.