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other similar companies, they are reducing their competition while improving their own profits. My final recommendation is one that involves a subject that was not previously covered in this paper, but rather one that is from my own perception/experience. This would be to increase their marketing in the United States. The amount of commercials that I have either seen or heard for Toshiba since the inception of this product is zero. While a good reputation is a solid base, in a country with as many choices between consumer products as the U S has, advertising is a necessity for success. In conclusion, Toshiba has been a major force in the technology industry for many years. The future will be no different. They are a well-established, quality oriented company that will not stop

until they are NUMBER 1 in all that they do. Toshiba will be here through our lifetime and that of our grandchildren if they continue to operate the way they do today. Their encapsulated management philosophy is the best way to describe Toshiba: Committed to People, Committed to the Future. Toshiba. References Guth, Robert A. “Toshiba Plans Strategic Shift to Fast Growth” The Wall Street Journal. February 17, 2000. Pp. A12 and A16. Nishiroga, Haitzo. E-mail correspondence