Torture And Human Rights Essay Research Paper

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Torture And Human Rights Essay, Research Paper For many years torture has been practiced in nations worldwide. Despite the fact that torture is the most horrible and unacceptable form of punishment many nations still torture people. It may seem that all kinds of organizations and especially united Nations try to abolish torture completely, it is hard and long road to do this. It is known that torture was used form the beginning of the world. For example, torture in Asia was used for many ages. Especially, torture was used in countries like China, Japan and India. In Europe contrives like Rome, Greece, England and Spain were the ones who used torture for hundreds of years. Torture in those countries was used as a form of punishment. During Middle Ages torture was used to

oppress religious opponents. The so-called inquisition was the way to destroy people who would not convert into Catholicism. An inquisition took part mostly in France, Germany, Italy and Spain (Totten & Kleg, P. 138-140) However, in 17th century some countries tried to abolish torture. For example, in England after the English Bill of Rights was drafted in 1689 torture became less used. The English Bill of Rights stated that Cruel and unusual punishment ought not be inflicted (Totten & Kleg, p 141.) Thus, England wanted not to administer torture anymore. However, the real opposition against torture begin in 18th century during the age of Enlightenment.; It was people s idea to change their ways of living and be more humanitarian. For those people torture was seen as very

cruel thing to do to other people. In that period France adapted Declaration of the Fights of Man. This Declaration tried to abolish torture forever. France even made torture as equally as a murder. Thus, for the first time in history of torture, the torture was considered as a violation of human rights of people. At that time, did not matter if torture was used against people because of their political or religious beliefs because torture was forbidden any ways (Totten & Kleg, p. 141) Thus, until 1920 s it seemed that torture was forgotten and it was not used as other as it was centuries before. However, the times of torture came back even with worst methods of torturing people. Also, torture started to be more cruel and degrading. Thus, during 1930 s torture started to be

used to make people to be loyal to their governments. Further more people were tortured because of their race ( Millett, P. 15-170). Therefore, the use of torture started to grow rapidly. For example, during War World II, Germany and Japan used torture to get information. Also, the camps that Germany used to torture and Kill Jews and other people were a form of violating human rights against use of torture. Furthermore, torture was used in Africa and Asia where it was used on those who wanted freedom by those who had governmental power (Totten & Kleg, p. 142 143). Thus, the main issue is that for most of the time torture is used by governments to accomplish their goals. For example, governments of certain nations that use torture to punish not only adults but children too.

Especially, children are tortured when they take part in political activities that government of the given country disapproves. Also, they torture kids to confession case when government thinks that those children committed crimes. Further, more torture is used on children to punish their parents of their wrong doings. Also, children are watching as their parents are tortured. The torture of children takes place especially in places like Africa, South America, Central America, Middle East and Asia (Totten & Kleg, p 150 151). Therefore, torture has a long history. However, the time when the torture came to serious consideration as violation of human rights was after the year of 1945. After that year when people found out about Hitler s killing and torturing Jews, the situation