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Tornadoes Essay, Research Paper Myth of The Tornadoes This was the time when gods ruled the universe and used the earth as their playground. The days where perfect for the month of May. The crops of the people grew fast and healthy, and the soil was rich as gold. The gods were being nice this year but people still knew that June was yet to come, the most dreaded month of the year, for this was the month of tornadoes. The people began preparing early for the treachery of the gods and put whatever they could over their windows to prevent their family from damage from flying debris. They picked their crops and put their livestock in the barn. It was the end of May and the earth was quiet enough for a thunderbolt to be heard over the sea. It was June, Lector and Zore, the gods of

the winds, were in their season of destruction. This year Petri, the most powerful god of all, who disliked their petty, but destructive squabbles, told them to stop their fighting and hurting the people. Lector was the wind of the north and Zore was the wind of the south. They were worst enemies, they never ever got along, but this year when Petri said that if they killed more than twenty people they would be tortured for all eternity. At the beginning of June every human being on the world was ready for the tornadoes, but no tornadoes came. The people became confused and thought they were thinking of the wrong season. They were very cautious going about their lives, but after three weeks they became comfortable and started to unpack things. They started to plant the crops, take

out the cattle, and take off the things on the windows to let the fresh air in. It was the last week of June, Lector and Zore were doing well, and had hardly argued at all. Petri felt that there would be no problems so he left to go to the other side of the world to see if things were running smoothly. Petri was very smart, so just in case, he left Boomer, the god of speed, in charge. As soon as he left, Lector and Zore got into a huge fight about who was the strongest, so they tried to settle it by having a wind contest. This was something like an arm wrestle but with wind. They kept on tying and no one would win or lose. Both of them got madder and madder and their wind strength got stronger and stronger by the second, which produced the biggest tornado in the whole history of

the gods. When they unleashed their fury it was killing ten people a second . Still they kept on fighting and still the tornado grew. By now they were killing thousands of people and even Boomer wasn?t strong enough to stop them. He raced to Petri at the other side of the world and told him. Bang! Petri?s foot went, hitting the ground out of frustration and making the whole world shake as if a terrible earthquake had happened. He went back to the other side of the world and went before Lector and Zore and he screamed, ?You fools, how could you do this?? Petri banged their heads together and forced them to stop. For their foolishness Petri put them into wooden boxes with only their heads sticking out and in the boxes he put scorpions which stung them every time they moved. But

every June Petri releases them to fight and get their anger out at each other and after they have vented their cooped-up energy, usually around September, Petri puts them back into their boxes and all the people are free to go about their lives in peace.