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about, the well-being of all people involved. But this isn’t a hard concept, it’s simply the golden rule. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." As for my opinion, if a person possesses these two qualities, love of God and love of others, all other virtues/values which are the foundation for making ethical decisions will follow. They will not have to be learned abstractly and within no context because they will be actions that arise as cause and effect: Because you love God and others, the effect is that you will develop the characteristics that reflect love. There are certain characteristics that are more important to me than others such as: trustworthiness. If there is no trust in a relationship there is nothing. Furthermore, if a non-Christian has

no trust in you, how do you ever expect to convert him, which is the very essence of our Christianity. I have always liked the song "Standing On The Promises" because of that statement…standing on the promises. The words "standing on" emphasize the majesty of what we really are doing. When I think of standing on something I think of something that holds me up as in this past year when we went to Guyana, SA, and I stood on the very edge of the Kaiture Falls, five times higher than Niagara, and NOTHING was holding me up but that ledge I was on. To think that we are standing on the PROMISES of God is a very amazing thing to me to be standing on when there’s nothing below me. Can you think another’s promises you’d rather be standing on? That’s a sobering

thought. It is a valuable thing to be able to trust in God’s promises. Jesus was trustworthy in that He came to earth to do a mission and as much as He wished the cup to pass, He still carried out that mission. (Good thing for us.) He is also trustworthy in that He said He loved us, and we have to be able to trust that because our salvation depends on it. His love for us is our only connection to God. Yes, trust is a gravely important thing indeed. I have many other virtues/values I consider important, most of which stem from all else discussed. Honesty, faithfulness, respect, loyalty, a forgiving heart, and many others. But the important thing, to reiterate, is that love should always be at the heart, and if it is these other attributes will surge from it, and making the right

ethical decisions will not be so grievous. QUALITY INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS A quality interpersonal relationship is a relationship, which is built on understanding of self and others. A quality interpersonal relationship goes beyond just being casually acquainted with others to sharing with and gaining an understanding of one another. What I mean by sharing with is that you get a feeling for each other. I can empathize with you and see things through your eyes. When a quality interpersonal relationship is present there's certain amount of synergy that takes place between the persons involved in the relationship. A good example of a quality interpersonal relationship could be found within the strong family unit. If we were to study a family that is close knit what would we see.

We would most likely see the following characteristics: individual respect, trust, open lines of communication, open mindedness, patience, empathy, love and many other attributes which add up to a strong interpersonal relationship. With in a strong family you find people that truly feel for each other. For example if Mom is sick the morale of the other family members goes down. If Dad gets a promotion the hold family shares the feelings of esteem with Dad. The point I'm trying to make is that in quality interpersonal relationship you will start to feel some of things that I feel which allow you to better understand me and communicate with me. Although a quality interpersonal relationship sounds like the best thing since Campbell soup and the Gerry-curl it's not a relationship

that's easily achieved. To achieve a quality interpersonal relationship takes time, effort, desire, understanding, trust, disclosure, and feedback, effective communication, and etc. When we first meet a person we don't immediately establish an interpersonal relationship. As implied in the opening paragraphs, a quality interpersonal relationship goes for beyond conducting casual conversation. It takes time to build an interpersonal relationship. Why? People like to interact; however, they are protective of there feelings and don't immediately open up to let you inside to see who's live there. What I'm saying is to establish an interpersonal relationship with others you need to know things about them and get some perception of how they interpret things. To get this type of