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its hand around the throats of many in our society as well. It seems that some of the worst racists in our society are the ones who say they're not racist, but on the inside they really are. These are the people who say they're not racist, but they don't hire the East Indian employee who was the most qualified of the candidates. They coach the all white basketball team. They fight over the red and blue colors of bandannas worn around their heads. The worst part is, it d!oesn't even phase them when they are doing it. In the past when our country was just starting to be formed, there were many prejudices just because people were different. Now over a century later, people haven't changed much, which makes me wonder if we really have become civilized yet. Democracy is also something

that has played a big part in our journey to become civilized. A democracy in my words is where the people who choose to live under it run the government. And to have a true democracy, everyone must vote! People vote to exercise their democratic rights. If only 70% vote, then 70% control 100% of the government. Voting without adequate understanding and choosing candidates for the wrong reasons are symptoms of voting for the sake of voting and not taking an active interest in how our country is run. Instead of making an effort to understand issues and party fundamentals, too many ignorant people actually base their decisions on what the candidates say. The result is that everybody feels "burned" by the government, never realizing that he or she could have tipped the

election simply by paying attention. Another problem with our vision of democracy is the structure and size of it. It seems everybody is always trying to help somebody get something !for nothing. This just creates class envy and finger pointing. I personally believe the government's goal is to keep us divided as a country so we will fight amongst ourselves rather than pay attention to what's going on. So, is this civilized? I think not. Technically though, if you want to look at it really hard, we have become a civilized society. We can now travel across the country in a few hours or send someone an email. Most people believe that to become civilized you need to create new inventions and spend lots of money on social programs, making most people think that they are becoming

better off and are more civilized. But our nature has not become more civilized. There are still wars, hatred, and acts of violence. Maybe it is more important to grow in this area than the other is. So in reality, we're not as civilized as we think we are. Decision Making Any decision affecting people has ethical ramifications and virtually all important decisions reflect the decision-maker’s mindfulness and resolution to ethical behavior. This is why it is important to know for yourself how you go about making ethical decisions, or decisions of any kind. Finding out how one goes about making decisions can be a rather hard task as I found out while I was researching my mind to ‘decide’ exactly how I do go about making the decisions I make. The first thing I decided was

that most of the decisions I make in my life are made with much thought about anything that might be affected by the decision. The most important thing, to me, is to make a decision and have reasons. I have to know why one choice is better than another. I feel compelled to look at every angle to assess what will be the outcome. I, personally, have a hard time making ‘spur-of-the-moment’ decisions especially if it involves something rather important to me. Many things go through my mind and trust in my practical intuition (notice I didn’t say ‘blind’ intuition) also plays an important part. I make decisions based on different things depending on what kind of decision I am having to make, but there is always one ultimate source for my decision making that supersedes all

other ‘sub-categories’ that influence my decision making, and that does not change, regardless of the situation ­ and that is God. To me, God is the supreme ethical teacher and giver of wisdom, and if this is true then when searching for wisdom, why shouldn’t I look to the originator of wisdom. God is my number one influence in any decision that I make. My love for Him and faith in His power causes me to adhere to His will and actively search out the text of the Bible in order to learn more about the way He wants me to live and the things He wants me to have in my heart and in my mind as a guide for myself when making decisions. It is through this searching that I have discovered which ethical principles are important to me and how to adopt them as my own. One does not