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pathologies. This still leaves the question in the air of whether society as a whole is to blame for its downfall of if all problems are rooted in single parenting practices. There is substantial evidence to support the belief that single parent households place a severe financial burden on society as a whole. Since single parents need to be home to take care of their children, many cannot or choose not to work, and are forced to go on welfare to survive. With as many as five million families are on welfare at this time, this program this costs the combined state and federal governments 25.2 billion dollars per year. That figure works out to an average of approximately 156 dollars per family per year in federal and state taxes (Freeman, 1). However, perhaps it is our

responsibility to share some of this burden. As our esteemed First Lady put it "It takes a village to raise a child." There is clearly a much tougher burden placed on single parents that on parents of an "textbook family." This parent becomes responsible not only for providing financially for their children, but also being the sole provider of guidance, companionship, and moral support, all of which are vital to the healthy upbringing of a child. They have no one to share this workload with, nor do they have anyone as a companion, on whom they can vent their frustrations and joys. This must be a terrible burden for only one parent to handle alone. Perhaps this is contributing to the fact that nearly 70% of child abuse is perpetrated by single parents (Burk,

1). In addition, there are certain things that a child needs to learn from a person of one particular gender. Children of single parents often miss out on this. However difficult this burden may be to shoulder, I believe that some people are born with certain inherent characteristics that make them more or less able to handle this burden. Some people are perfectly happy raising children by themselves, and if they can find a way to meet the needs of their children, I believe that they can make perfectly good parents. Also, there are support groups for single parents, which can, in some ways, be a partial substitute for the second parent. There are many cases in which a child that has grown up with both parents is less successful in life than a similar child that had only one

parent participate in their upbringing. As Vernellia Randall writes in her "Open Letter on Single Parenting", "I submit that it is not the structure of families that determine their success, but whether the adult(s) in the family have a good education, make a decent income, and have good parenting skills. Being a single parent is not the problem; it's the lack of these ingredients that is the problem." So the question remains would society be better off in there were no single parent households? Perhaps it would be. Or, maybe it wouldn't be. Since there doesn't seem to be any way to prove either case, the goal of society should be to deal with the task at hand, which is to properly raise children, regardless of how many parents they live with. Even if it were

somehow proved that single parent families are hurting society, there is very little that could be done to curb this trend. I personally don't see what society has to gain by pointing fingers, but I do understand mankind's instinctual need to place blame, whether the target of the blame deserves it or not. THE CONFLICTS OF THE MODERN WORLD. A COMPETITIVE SOCIETY. He, who commands the past, controls the future, He, who controls the future, conquers the past. -KANE- In this composition I would like to discuss the conflicts of the modern world and the consequences of the competitive society. Being asked about this I usually start with a competitive society. Because this is the thing we face in every day life and always ask one question ourselves: ’Why have we created the world

full of troubles and problems whereas we ourselves live in it?’ This sounds really paradoxical but it is true. For instance, the taxes in our country bring so many troubles to people who want to start their own business that they simply have to find ways not to pay them. Thousands of examples all over the world can be given here but the idea is that, understanding all this, we do not try even to improve anything. On the other hand competitive life exists even at school where pupils are to participate in a so-called ‘racing game’ which is based on gaining better marks and results in everything. This idea is not new that is why different people at different times tried to solve this problem. The most famous is the of about social equality. The idea of social equality is