Top 10 List Of Tocqueville Was Wrong

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Top 10 List Of Tocqueville Was Wrong About Democratic Essay, Research Paper TOP 10 LIST OF THINGS QUEVILLE WAS WRONG ABOUT: 1. Equality is treasured more than liberty because everyone has the inward passion to be considered equal to everyone else. But liberty is not the chief and constant object of their desires; equality is their idol: they make rapid and sudden efforts to obtain liberty, and, if they miss their aim, resign themselves to their disappointment; but nothing can satisfy them without equality, and they would rather perish than lose it. (p. 55) Tocqueville is saying that liberty is somewhat not as important as equality in a democratic society, and that overall, social democracy means equality. But it needs to be pointed out that equality cannot exist without

liberty and individual freedoms, and equality cannot exist without liberty. Both liberty and equality need to work together if any is to exist. The only reason we can enjoy individual freedoms such as speech, privacy, and the pursuit of happiness is because we are all thought of as equals. Thus, equality and liberties are both equally treasured by Americans. 2. Population increase during post-Declaration of Independence period will equal the magnitude of population increase during the pre-Declaration of Independence period. “It is generally supposed that the prodigious increase of population in the United States is posterior to their Declaration of Independence. But that is an error: the population increased as rapidly under the colonial system as at the present day.” (p.

139) Here, Tocqueville underestimates the incredible growth America has taken in population due to the immigration opportunities America has allowed. In fact, it was later that Americans saw a need for immigration control and launched the Chinese exclusion act forcing a cap on the number of immigrant coming into the country. 3. American equality takes on a great disadvantage where no one person has great enough power to influence government and protect Americans liberty. In a state where the citizens are all nearly on an equality, it becomes difficult for them to preserve their independence against the aggressions of power. No one among them being strong enough to engage in the struggle alone with advantage, nothing but a general combination can protect their liberty. (p. 55) The

argument here is that strength lies in unity. The voice of the people is heard best when they meet on common ground. As long as the majority of the people stay united on their common beliefs, the government no matter how powerful can not ignore the cries of an entire nation. For example, the cries of the Americans against the Vietnam War in the 1970 s put pressure on the government and ultimately pushed the government to take action, pulling our men out of Vietnam. 4-5. Americans will preserve a similar social condition, having common religion, language, habits, customs, and opinions. “Between the destinies of the different descendants of the great Anglo-American family, they will all preserve at least a similar social condition, and will hold in common the customs and opinions

to which that social condition has given birth.” (p. 141) Tocqueville in essence drives at the idea that all Americans will become one unit having common customs and social conditions. “The time will therefore come, when one hundred and fifty millions of men will be living in North America, equal in condition, all belonging to one family, owing their origin to the same cause, and preserving the same civilization, the same language, the same religion, the same habits, the same manners, and imbued with the same opinions, propagated under the same forms.” (p. 141) Tocqueville s perception of common customs and opinions is however, untrue in today s diverse society. In fact, it is the culture differences and difference in opinions that make the United States the great country