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rice, the quivering blood tomatoes, the grayish-brown meat… Thus reassured him that the white, the red and the brown would stay where they were-would not explode or burst forth from their restricted zones…? (Morrison 8). This represents the general opinion of society most African Americans possessed in 1919. It also reflects the opinions George Wofford instilled in his children during the Great Depression. Morrison is weary of white people, though she is not a racist person. She once said, ?I feel that white people will betray me; that in the final analysis, they?ll give me up? (?Nobel? Jet). Family impacts Morrison?s reading as well as her personal beliefs. Morrison possesses an incredible passion for education. She graduated from Lorain High School with honors (Gray b). She

goes through tons of research before writing her books. As an English teacher at Princeton she maintains her love of education and inspires her students (Caldwell). Morrison enjoys reading books. In fact she rarely turns on the television. She told Time Magazine, ?I think of (television) as one of those fake fireplaces, always moving and always looking just the same? (Gray a). Morrison?s life is built on education and as a result so is her writing. Cultural heritage, family, and passion for education have become recurring themes in Morrison?s novels as well as her life. Toni Morrison?s Sula represents a culture of people not all that long ago. Morrison?s beliefs and the beliefs of her family have influenced her greatly. Toni Morrison is an example of how every child is a product

of their culture, family, and education. 322