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she went there. When he reaches the main land he goes by the helper, Gideon, from Valerian’s house that brought him to town the first time. Son asks Gideon to take him to the small island but Gideon says that it is to late. Gideon’s wife on the other hand offers to take Son. Gideon’s wife is partly blind but she claims to know the sea well and Son takes her up on the offer. Gideon’s wife takes Son to a part of the island that Son never ventured to. It is dark and Son does not know where to go. Gideon’s wife says to trust her and just get out the boat and follow the path. The story ends there and we do not find out what becomes of Jadine or Son. Jadine and Son are a prime example of listening to your heart and not your mind. They rushed into their relationship and did

not know enough about each other to make a reasonable decision. Jadine was trying to run from something and Son was not in love he was in lust. If they had taken the time to know each other better they might have realized that they were two different people. Just as in the folk tail of Brer Rabbit and Tar Baby, Son (the rabbit ) was attracted to Jadine (Tar Baby ) and got caught in a trap. Jadine and Son were from two different worlds that could not come together. In the end Jadine realized that she made a mistake but Son still held on to the past and ended up right where he started. Lost.