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mentioned that the most they heard from the nurse was about baby’s growth and immunization and no further explanation. 2. Understanding of the Usage of the book All the respondents were aware that the book was to be used for the baby for some reason or another. The degree of use varied from record to resource and immunization. 2.1 As record All the respondents mentioned and understood the book as keeper of records for the baby. One respondent said: I use it to keep all the records of my baby’s activities. I’ve kept a diary since I was 13 years old, I know it is good and I want to do the same for my baby. Another respondent said: The only time I use this book for is to keep a record of my baby’s immunization when I go to the Plunket or the family doctor. 2.2 As resource

Majority of the respondents mentioned that the book has plenty of information about baby’s growth, first aid, nutrition that any mother or caregiver could look up if they need any information and still feel comfortable at the end. One respondent said: As a first time mother, I feel good and confident that I can look up any information I need for my baby when no one is around until nurse comes. Another said: Even though I don’t understand or speak much English, I feel ok when I see the pictures in the book until the nurse comes. 2.3 To confirm information One respondent in particular said: I have my family to support me and I use this book as a way of confirming what my family tells me about my baby. I am young and sometimes they tell me things that are old to my way of

thinking. I use the book to keep the balance. 3. Usefulness of the WCH book All the participants mentioned that the book is very useful once you understand. Two of the participants who had little understanding of English said: 3.1 For me Although our English is not very good, we know that the book has lots of information for me and my baby which are useful in order to keep my baby healthy. 3.2 For my baby One respondent said: This is my Bible. I take it with me whereever I go. I feel safe with it because it’s just so useful; it has everything I would need if my baby were not well. Another respondent said: I don’t have my mother with me all the time, so this book is good for me. I don’t feel lost and I don’t have to rely on my family for every thing to do with my baby’s

health. 4. Duration of use of book All the participants had varying time of usage ranging from 0-5 years. Majority of the participants mentioned that they religiously used the book for their first baby only. Being a first time mother, you just want to do everything right for the baby, come second baby and the rest, you loose that novelty because it’s the same thing over again. One respondent said: It’s the same old thing, why bother using the book. I am an old hand at it now. Another said: There’s nothing new, so I’ll just use it for the immunization; at least my baby’s immunization record will be kept up to date. Another said: I stopped using the book after my first baby. I know that my Family Doctor was keeping a record of my baby’s health etc which is exactly what

I’m doing. Why should I do the same when my Doctor is doing it for me, beside I pay her enough so she should. So I’ve stopped using the book since my second baby and I have four children now. 5. Barriers to using the book While all the participants agreed that the book is useful and an asset to the mother and child, there were aspects of the book they did not quite like which made them stopped using the book. 5.1 Size There was mixed feelings about the size of the book. For the mothers with 2-4 children, they felt the book was too thick and unnecessary extra weight to carry around especially when it’s the same thing. One respondent said: It’s just too bulky. Sometimes I cannot fit it in the nappy bag so it gets left behind. Another said: It is much too thick for us

mothers with many children because there’s nothing new in it. It should be smaller in size for mothers with second, third babies etc. 5.2 Content All the participants stated that the content is fine for first time mothers but felt that it is boring and monotonous for second time round mothers. One said: I would like to see something different. It is boring looking at the same thing day in day out. Another said: There is no specific Tongan illness like “mavaeua” (natural closure of the fontanels) or “tapitopito” (umbilical hernina) or “makehekehe” (winding condition). If some of the Tongan illnesses or conditions had been included in the book, then I would use the book more often. 5.3 Presentation Majority of the participants liked aspects of the book. All stated