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Tom Swayer Essay, Research Paper The Adventures of Tom Sawyer takes place in St. Petersburg, Missouri. No one quite knows what to make of Tom Sawyer, but does agree on one thing: he sure keeps hopping. Tom lives in his Aunt Polly s house. Tom s younger brother or half brother Sid was a quite boy, and had no adventurous. He is troublesome in ways. In the beginning of the story Tom is caught by his Aunt Polly, eating jam. Tom tricks Aunt Polly by saying My Look behind you, aunt! Tom is clever and successful in his tricks. In the story Huck sees Tom s wide reading and vivid imagination as qualities that set Tom far above himself, and he often mentions how Tom would have enjoyed some particularly difficult feat that he himself has just pulled off. Huck is the son of the town

drunkard, a man who goes away for long stretches and beats his son when he is home. Huck is a kind of boy who cares about himself. He lives with a charitable woman named Widow Douglas. When Huck is in trouble he can be a first class liar. He is very sensitive about other people s feelings. He even sometimes has feelings of guilt over troubles he hasn t caused. Tom Sawyer skipped school and went swimming. When he got back Aunt Polly asked him Didn t you want to go swimming? Tom tried to get out of this one but he couldn t because of his half brother Sid. Aunt Polly forgave Tom but made him work on Saturdays. Tom hated working on Saturdays, while the other boys had a holiday. When she ever hit him her heart would almost break and when she lets him off her conscience hurts. The

Adventures of Tom Sawyer When Huck had found a dead cat he told Tom. So they both agreed to meet in the graveyard at midnight. When midnight came they went to a grave that was recently buried. They say if you throw a dead cat in front of a Devil it will cure your warts. When they got here they saw three men Muff Potter, Injun Joe, and Doctor Robinson. They were digging up the grave that was recently buried. After they had found the coffin they started a little argument about the past. Five years ago Injun Joe went to Doc. Robinson window to ask for some food. But Doc. Robinson s father jailed him for vagrant. Injun Joe started to wrestle with Doc. Robinson and stabbed him with his knife. Doctor Robinson was dead before he fell to the ground. Injun Joe blamed Muff Potter that he

had killed Doc. Robinson. Injun Joe had carefully set up Muff Potter. He put Muff Potter on top of Doc. Robinson with the knife in his hand. When Muff Potter woke up Injun Joe was still there. Muff Potter ask What had happened? Injun Joe said You and Doc. Robinson started to wrestle and you picked up the knife and stabbed him. Muff Potter was convinced by Injun Joe s story. Muff Potter begged Injun Joe not to tell anybody. After that Tom and Huck Finn ran as quickly and far as they could. That night they swore that they will not tell anybody and if they did tell they would rot to death. Now Tom was feeling left out, nobody loved him. So Tom ran away from home to get away from his troubles. Two boys joined Tom on his adventures being a pirate. Tom the Black Avenger of the Spanish

Main, Huck Finn The red-handed, and Joe Harper the Terror of the Seas. Tom had furnished these titles from his favorite literature. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer They had arrived to their raft and went for a little ride. They began talking about their clothes for being pirates. Gradually their talk died out and drowsiness began to steal upon the pirates. Huck the red-handed had no trouble sleeping. Tom the Black Avenger and Joe the Terror of the Seas were having much difficulty to get to sleep. They kept worrying about what they have done, running away from home. When Tom awoke in the Mourning, he wondered where they were. When they all woke up Tom and Huck went fishing while Joe cut the bacon. Tom and Huck threw in their lines. Immediately they caught so many fishes. They caught