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culture could never really know each other.” “Like you know me?” the wife asks. “Yes. Like I know you.” the husband replies, yet he would still not marry her if she was African. In the conclusion of the story the Husband gives up and whispers to Ann that he would marry her even if she were African. Although the Husband loves his wife, he realizes that he does not “know” his wife as,” the sound of someone moving through the house, a stranger.” Wolff creates a situation between the two where the husband is looking to settle the argument, whereas the wife just wants to hear yes to the proposal. Ann doesn’t think that her husband will say yes and when he does she realized that they still don’t know each other. It takes the Husband until the end of the story to

figure this out, when his wife, the stranger, now comes to bed. . The story does end with him going to bed with this new strange wife, but also leads to a conclusion of rediscovery and renewal for the marriage. Bibliography Wolff, Tobias, “Say Yes” Perrine’s Literature: Structure sound and sense, ed. Thomas R. Arp 7th edition Harcourt Brace: New York: 1998.