Tobacco Smoking And Its Risks Essay Research

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Tobacco Smoking And Its Risks Essay, Research Paper I am here to talk to you about smoking its risks and its consequences. First, to understand how smoking tobacco affects your body you have got to understand how smoking works inside your body A regular cigarette contains treacherous chemicals such as carbon monoxide, tar and nicotine. Did you know that nicotine is a poisonous compound that the tobacco plant uses as a defense against its environment? This may sound strange to you but it is true. This poison is the same you inhale when you smoke a cigarette .Even smoking light cigarettes can kill you because the tar level is reduced but you inhale the same dangerous chemicals such as CO2 . If all this is true you may be wondering right now Why do people start smoking?, well

most of the people that smoke tobacco in America started smoking at an early age, and most of these people were induced by peer pressure. Did you know that almost 4,000,000,000,000 (four trillion) cigarettes are sold each year and almost 1,500,000,000,000(one point five trillion) are sold to people under 21(twenty-one), And that s just an overall count. But what brings people to smoke so much is not as much the dependence but the lack of fear, A lot of people think that just one can not hurt you but the truth is another lot of people become dependent the very first time they smoke. Did you also know that more than 307,945 people die each year from lung, esophagus and mouth cancer?, something to think twice, isn t it? You ve probably heard about chewing tobacco and snuff, well

they re dangerous for your body too because they also contain nicotine, And they can cause the same diseases as smoking only they are expressed in different ways, for example: chewing tobacco besides causing a bad breath, bad teeth and the fact that it s a disgusting vice can cause lip and gum disease. So for you people that thought smokeless tobacco is safe, My predictions do not aim any high for them. So think about it, using tobacco products is not just hurting yourself but the people you live with, after all, one less to the charts doesn t hurt anyone.