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millions to be tempted enough to begin the lethal habit. Cigarettes are the most heavily advertised product in America. The tobacco industry spends billions of dollars each year to ensure that its products are associated with elegance, prosperity and finesse, rather than lung cancer, bronchitis and heart disease (Taylor). For example, Newports are advertised with the theme Alive with pleasure, instead of with the opposite statement which would indicate the true result of using the product – Dead with pain (White). Since there is little to distinguish one brand of cigarettes from the next, cigarettes must be advertised through emotional appeals instead of product benefits. Marsha Bell Grace of the advertising firm of Wells, Rich, Greene said that cigarette advertising is

advertising in its purest sense – no product difference, but a perception of difference in the product (White). Thus, the cigarette s appeal to the consumer is entirely a matter of perception, or rather, misperception. Since Congress banned cigarette advertising from television in 1970, the billions of dollars worth of advertisements from the tobacco industry are used in the print media instead of through the airwaves (White). There are a few American publications – such as the Readers Digest, Good Housekeeping, the New Yorker, and Washington Monthly – that do not accept cigarette advertising as a matter of principle. But for the majority of American publications, the millions of dollars they receive each year from tobacco advertisements is not only enough to keep the

advertisements running throughout the year, but enough to control the material they publish. On many occasions, newspaper and magazine editors have pulled out articles on smoking and health that they would have otherwise published if the articles did not have the ability to interfere with their relations with the cigarette companies. The deception of the tobacco industry has recently become better publicized through the revelation of internal documents which previously have been suppressed by the companies. Every day, organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration are taking steps to control the virtually unregulated sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products. Until something effective is done, however, the best way to fight the merchants of death is to influence their

prey – the impressionable minds of children – before they do. Recently, television has been used to influence the minds of children through campaigns such as Truth, and also, mandatory anti-smoking commercials from the tobacco companies themselves. 530 Roberts, Steven. ” Teens on tobacco; kids smoke for reasons all their own.” U.S. News & World Report. 18 Apr. 1996: 38. Breo, Dennis L. “Kicking Butts-AMA, Joe Camel and the ‘Black Flag’ war on tobacco.” JAMA, The Journal of the American Medical Association. 29 Oct. 1993: 1978. Glantz, Michael. Tobacco Today. New York: Knopf, 1998 Hilts, Joseph. Tobacco Kills. Britannica Online. 1999 Taylor, Stephen. The overall effects of nicotine on the human body Newsweek 16 Dec. 1994: 116+