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laws aimed at controlling pornography, increasing numbers of people are becoming addicted to porn (2). If a marriage is ruined, or if someone is raped and the rapist testifies it was porn that made him do it, should injured parties be allowed to seek a judgment against the companies which produced it and the woman and men who appeared in it? Credit Cards cause for high debt, if someone is forced to claim bankruptcy and claims an addiction to credit cards, why could the victims not be able to sue the card companies? Why could it not be argued that the credit card companies like tobacco are attempting to addict people at a young age? Some people suffer heart problems from their food addictions. Should it not be all right to sue the fast food industry when a customer suffers from a

heart attack? The Florida court ruling once again demonstrates how the government decides we are to incompetent to make sane decisions on our own, and need government assistance to do so. So do to one not having the willpower and moral competence to break their addiction, the government has chosen to punish the corporations to protect the population from a legal devise. In turn, this is the question that needs to be asked, did the tobacco industry put the first cigarette in our mouth, make us inhale, make us decide we thought we looked cool with it hanging out of our lip? I think the answer would be no. The government has gone too far in the matter of lawsuits, what can and what can not be a just reason to sue. President Clinton at the beginning of his 2nd term, put forth a bill

called Common Sense Lawsuit , and then vetoed it himself, Why? That s the question that should be asked. I think it was because if this passed, that would not give the government the right to finish prosecuting the tobacco industry. –The government and various activists believe we are all actual potential victims of the corporations, and that by viewing the Marlboro Man and Camel Joe, we can be persuaded to suck the chemical equivalent of bus fumes into our lungs with no fear of suffering harm (2). That we are to ignorant to know right from wrong, if it is not spelled out in front of us then we are to stupid to know its bad for us. The terms everyone heard all there lives mean nothing, terms such as Cancer Stick or my personal favorite I know its going to kill me, but hey,

everyone has to die sometime. I have to wonder how it came to pass that a jury could come to the conclusion that, we the citizens of this country could not understand and comprehend the damages we would suffer, just because a label was not affixed to the pack at an earlier age. I personally think it is a shame that we live in such a greedy society, that people will play dumb, just to get the easy dollar, and in doing this, let the government walk all over them.