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said, ?Miller?s play is a tragedy modern, and personal, not classic and heroic; its central figure is a little man sentenced to discover his smallness rather than a big man undone by his greatness.? Arthur Miller once said, ?I believe that the common man is as apt a subject for tragedy in its????? higher sense as kings were.? ??? Secondly, it is a play about relationships. With Willy and Linda: Willy doesn?t look after, or care for Linda as much as he should, but Linda does.? ?Linda has developed an iron repression of her expectations to Willy?s behaviour ? she more than loves him, she admires him, as though his mercurial nature, his temper, his massive dreams and little cruelties.? ?????? Also I think that Willy and Biff, both failures, contrast totally to Charley?s and

Bernard?s success. Biff ?flunked math?, whereas Bernard got all the correct results he needed for college. Now Biff has no job. Bernard is a top lawyer. ????????? Bernard says, ?I?ve got a case in front of the Supreme Court.? But Willy can?t understand why Biff isn?t as good or powerful in life, as Bernard, ? What?what?s the secret?? asked Willy, ?Why didn?t he ever?????????? catch on??? ?After the age of seventeen nothing good ever happened to Biff.? ? Bernard replied, ? He never trained himself for anything.? Whereas Bernard did, he worked hard. ????????? Willy has a worse life as a salesman, because of this ?American Dream?. Charley has a highly paid fore filling job. ????????? Thirdly, this is a play of original structure. Miller was going to name this play ?Inside his head?.

We can understand why because, regularly we see Willy?s ?daydreams?, within his mind. It is a very clever Way to tell the audience, what happened in the past, and why things are how they are, now in the present day. An example of this is Biff having not got on with Willy. We understand why, when we see a ?daydream? in Willy?s mind of what happened in Boston. Biff found out about Willy?s affair. Miller wanted to make the transitions form scene to scene seamless. ???????? Miller said, ?There are no flashbacks in the play but only a mobile???? concurrency of past and present? because in his desperation to justify his life, Willy Loman has destroyed the boundaries between now and then?. ??????? The various lighting effects used in the play were to see how Willy felt, being in the

city. He wants to be in the countryside ? lighting of leaves and trees. ????????? The music involved was clever, because some characters have different instrument and music, to help the audience to realise, in Willy?s ?daydreams?, who it is. Willy?s was a flute. And Ben also has a distinct type of music. ????????? The staging was clever too. No walls were in between the rooms. But when it was the present day, people walked through a doorway. But when it was in one of Willy?s ?daydreams? they ignored the walls. Again to allow the audience to be aware of the characters being in real life or in Willy?s ?daydreams?. ????????? ?Death of a Salesman? contains much that is critical of modern American society. But, this was not Arthur Miller?s sole purpose in writing it. ????????? Willy?s

misjudgement of his failure in life is demonstrated in ?Death of a Salesman?. He feels as though he has failed because he has no fortune to show for it, in either his or his son?s names. What he has truly failed in is his family life, and his married life. That is the corruption of the true ?American Dream?. ?????????