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buy products, not for dreams or personalities. Willy said, ? There was respect, and comradeship, and gratitude in it. Today, it?s all cut and dried, and there?s no chance for bringing friendship to bear ? or personality.? In my opinion, Howard Wagner treats Will harshly, because Willy has been very loyal to the business, and has had no reward for his length of service. ????????? ???? ?They don?t even know me anymore.? ????????? ?He has the feeling of being used by the firm, and with no gratitude. ?I put thirty-four years into this firm?You can?t eat the??????? orange and throw away the peel ? a man is not a piece of fruit!? ?????????? He needs to believe he is ?vital in New England?, but knows he is not; he is just kidding himself.Biff said about Willy, ?He had all the wrong

dreams. All, all wrong, and he never knew who he was.? Being a salesman is very unpredictable, and precarious as a living. ?????????????????? ?He?s a man way out there in the blue, riding on a smile and a shoeshine. And when they start not smiling back ? that?s like an earthquake.? You would have to give a good impression. ????????? Charley has realised that Willy?s view of success is seriously flawed. ????? Charley said, ??The only thing you got in this world is what you can sell.? ?And as Willy can?t sell anything, his has got nothing. Willy has lost all self-respect. Eliza Kazan, director of the original Broadway production, said, ?Willy?s fatal error is that he built his life and his sense of worth on something completely false. This is the error of our whole society.? Willy

can?t function as a salesman, also a human being, because he?s not liked. ????????? ?Willy?s liked, but he?s not well liked?, is the opinion of other people. ????????? Will has been a failure in life. But he feels even more so because of the fact that success in the American Dream is supposed to be available to anyone. This figure has significantly effected his family ? especially his sons. Biff is just as hopeless as Willy in a lot of ways. ????????? The values of the city are power, brings money. Willy though has never liked the city, and prefers the country, because there is not so much pressure. He is attracted to the wild, free and open countryside. ?The way they boxed us in here. Bricks and windows, windows??? and bricks.? Willy finds the city very claustrophobic. ?????????

The lighting effect with leaves and trees are very symbolic. ????????? The American Dream has been centrally built around the idea of the family. This is the spiritual side. Biff sums it up, ?We?ve never told the truth for ten minutes in this???????? house. The man don?t know who we are! The man is gonna know!? ??????? It is Willy?s fault the way Biff feels, ?And I never got anywhere because you blew me so full of hot air I could never stand taking orders from anybody! That?s whose fault it is!? ?????? Willy?s loneliness, unfaithfulness to Linda and his insecurity, leads to his affair in Boston with another women. Willy buys new stockings for this woman in Boston and makes Linda mend her own, old ones. But Linda cares for Willy a lot, and constantly tries to cover up for him and

also tries to understand him. Willy says, ?That?s funny, I could have sworn I was driving that Chevy today.? He is forgetting things, but Linda covers this up by saying,?? ?Well, that?s nothing. Something must have reminded you.? ????????? Should Linda have questioned his behaviour more? ????????? Willy feels guilty for Biff, as he knows about Willy?s affair, which would have had an incredibly traumatic effect on Biff?s life. It would be devastating. Because of this, Biff went to prison for ?steeling a suit?. Biff went onto steeling to compensate his feelings inside. ????????? Unfortunately, Happy is doomed to repeat his father?s mistakes, with his attitude to women. He has casual relationships. He isn?t as honest as Biff at the end of the day either. ????????? I think that these

values of society ? the ?American Dream? aren?t the only values in the play. The characters are not conditioned solely by the society they live in. They often have choices but often choose wrongly. I believe that there are three ways of viewing ?Death of a Salesman?. ????????? Firstly, this play is a modern tragedy. Willy is a tragic figure. The whole of his life has been totally unpredictable, ?He don?t put a bolt to a nut, he don?t tell you the law or give you medicine. He?s a man way out there in the blue, riding on a smile and a shoeshine. And when they start not smiling back, that?s an earthquake.? Any man could turn against Willy at ant time, if he makes the wrong impression. ????????? Although Will is always ?falling?, the audience sympathise with him. John Mason Brow