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and therefore could not prepare. The reception areas also had problems often there were to many evacuees for houses or to few evacuees for houses. This was due to poor organisation by the government. It was not only people who were evacuated works of art from different art galleries were evacuated out of cities. The pictures from the National Gallery were evacuated to a slate cave in Wales. The rich usually evacuated themselves to countryside hotels or to America. The royal family was advised to evacuate themselves to their colony in Canada but they refused. The evacuation had a good effect on the war effort as it increased the morale of troops knowing that their loved ones were not at risk in the town and cities. This gave them peace of mind. One effect of the war, which was

said to have ?transformed life more than any other?, was the blackout. The blackout involved cutting out all artificial light escaping into the atmosphere. This was to reduce the effectiveness of the German bombing raids, as they could not identify targets. The blackout also had a large effect on the people of Britain, within the first month there was an increase in the number of road accidents by 100% per-cent. By October 1939 the government realised that they were causing more problems than they were solving so the blackout laws were relaxed. The blackout also led to the banning of certain activities because they led to the congregation of large numbers of people and could lead to large numbers of casualties if hit by a bomb. These included cinemas, football stadiums, and

theatres. This led to decrease in public morale and a reduction in support for the war effort as people were being denied their leisure activities. Therefore the laws on this were also relaxed. The government in 1939 with the outbreak of war introduced rationing. Many things were rationed including food, petrol and clothing. Rationing was introduced to introduce the British people to the idea of limitation from the outset of the war even though there was enough food not to have to ration people. It was also introduced to bring an idea of equality to the war and to break down the class barriers. Everybody was rationed including the Royal Family. This was to avoid a struggle between the classes so that people could concentrate on the war effort. It would also prevent the rich

buying up food supplies. In conclusion it could be argued that the role of the home front in the outcome of the Second World War was huge. The home front?s role in the British army and there morale and supplies was key. And therefore there role in the war overall was also key. We believe that without the support of the home font in the war the British army would not have won the war, as there would have been poor morale and a lack of supplies.