To Take English 1301 Or Not To

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To Take English 1301 Or Not To Take It Essay, Research Paper Not to take English 1301 or to take English 1301 By James Michael Johnson This was an immortal question, taking English 1301 was a momentous decision to make for a young college student named Mike. In fact, it has been one of the hardest decisions he had made in his life next to deciding to return to college or not. He had never really liked the subject ever since he started school. In fact like so many people when approached with the subject of English classes he just flat out do not like it. Remembering to use correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Trying to use the right words to express what he wanted to say. Utilizing those words to express the points he wanted to make. It just seemed like he never could

grasp the concept of what his teachers wanted from him. His grades in school showed what his interest level was on the subject. He had this deep fear of English class. Past frightening memories and disappointments and the trouble he had seem to overwhelm him. He debated on not taking this class because his handwriting is less than to be desired. Like most people, he hated to write and so he just scrawled everything down. Which explains why he typed everything and his grades had always been a stress factor for him. I guess what made his decision for him was the simple fact that he wanted his college degree and he had to have this class in order to graduate. He did not give up easily and this was just one of those many personal challenges people have to deal with everyday. A

challenge to achieve something in his life instead of sitting back and watching life go right on by him. In order for him to achieve his goals, He, himself and nobody else had to face and master in order for him to graduate and succeed in everything he chose to do. So he just figured he would pull up his bootstraps, stick out his chin and gave it that old college try. Hopefully by the time it is over, he will have a better comprehension and understanding of the subject. It is a course requirement for San Jacinto College and it will benefit him in his endeavors with the rest of his classes and future employment in his field of study. If you are reading this, he must have chosen to take English 1301.