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apparent reason (there is rampant speculation, of course, but it is only speculation). Oscar is not an effective manager; his people skills are poor. He is very competitive with Olivia and The Z staff, which causes counterproductive attitudes and feelings among everyone. The poor morale and apparent poor performance of KRQO is in stark contrast to the excellent morale and performance at The Z. The Z salespeople love Tyler, love you and love Olivia–for all the right reasons. You help them, coach them, encourage them and make them feel like winners. I’m afraid that Oscar spends a great deal of time making his people feel like losers–thus it’s little wonder they are losing. It’s sort of a self-fulfilling prophesy. I feel that you have waited too long to address the Oscar

problem. The fall buying season is coming up and you must get the KRQO staff organized and cracking immediately in order to maximize fourth quarter business. Of course, your motives for waiting to move on Oscar are beneficent, which is typical of your company’s culture; however, I would move immediately on Oscar. Talk to him right away and tell him it isn’t working and it’s time for a change. Give him until the end of the year to find a job, if you can, but get him out of the station now (perhaps your rep will give him a desk and a phone to use in New York). When you terminate him, you and Tyler do it together and do not argue or give him any specifics–just be general and say it’s a style problem and be as generous as you feel you can. He will try to argue, want to go

over your heads to corporate, will demand exact reasons, etc. Let him vent his anger, but do not be specific. Also, tell him he can resign if he wants to (which is a nice technicality and lets him say that he quit). On the other hand, if he quits, he can’t get unemployment compensation. So give him a choice. You can fire him so he’ll be eligible for unemployment, but then you and he can tell everyone he quit. In any case, get him out of the station at once; he can do nothing but harm. I think your idea of taking over the KRQO sales effort is an excellent one. Let Olivia handle The Z, she can certainly do it, and you can organize and evaluate the KRQO staff. I think you ought to make one or two KRQO changes right away–certainly Mary Ann (if she doesn’t leave when Oscar

does, she will be nothing but trouble if she stays; she has a terrible, negative attitude). Unfortunately, Harry probably needs to go too, as we all seem to agree that he isn’t going to make it (how about putting him in production and creative for a while to shore up direct selling– let him do it 25 hours a week and look for work the rest of the time. His programming and production experience will be of value, particularly with your emphasis on new, direct business). After letting two KRQO salespeople go, raise the KRQO commission several percentage points (more about this later, but for now the commission rates are inequitable–the rates on The Z are more than twice KRQO’s but the commission rates are very close). Divide the lists up realistically and equitably. Make some

interim decisions about account assignments. Do not have two people go into agencies yet. Tell The Z people to pitch both stations and give them the higher KRQO commission for KRQO business. In this manner, everyone will be pumped to get more KRQO business and it won’t cost the station much more money because you’ll be saving the overhead costs on two salespeople. Next year, split the staffs completely and put two people into agencies competing for business, but not yet. The Z people will love this system for the rest of the year and will really hustle to get business for both KRQO and The Z and to make some more money this year–they like selling both stations and the challenge of it.