To Puff Or Not To Puff Essay

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To Puff Or Not To Puff Essay, Research Paper To Puff or Not to Puff Smoking cigarettes is not a good habit; it is a dangerous addiction that has the possibility of a fatal result. Yet, I knowingly have picked up, and continued this stress relieving ritual. I am a smoker of two years, and have found nothing but scrutiny from my parents, far too many times. It is time to accept the fact that your son or daughter is a smoker. Your biggest concerns, for those of you whose children smoke, are lung cancer and other medical hazards that goes along with the risks of smoking cigarettes. Although it may seem that there are only drawbacks to smoking, you will find your son/daughter giving such reasons as, it takes your mind off things, it is a social habit, it is something to do when

you are bored, or he/she enjoys the ritual of lighting up a cigarette and inhaling/ exhaling the nicotine. Smoking creates a social atmosphere that makes it easier to meet people. You ask a person for a light, or a cigarette and moments later a conversation has been formed. True, there are other ways of meeting people, without putting your health in danger, but smoking is an effortless way to start up a quick conversation. I believe I am an adolescent with a strong mind and body, and that my parents have raised me to make good judgments. Therefore, I also believe that it is my prerogative if I feel the need to smoke. Not everyone is a na ve teenager that does not know the factors that go into the decision to smoke cigarettes. There are many articles on lung cancer. I have had too

many years of middle school, and high school health classes preaching against smoking, yet I still chose to sit down in the park, with a good book, and my pack of Marlboros. I still insist on smoking when I am enjoying a good pot of coffee at the local diner. Parents should have enough faith to know their son/ daughter will do what’s best for them. As a person who smokes cigarettes, I understand that my parents have had a hard time grasping the fact that their daughter has knowingly picked up a habit that has been proven fatal to her health. I understand that they only have what’s in my best interest at heart. However, I am a well- informed smoker. I know that it would be in my best interest to quit as soon as possible. That takes twice as long as the period of time it takes

for ones lungs to recover completely. Knowing how much I know about the hazards of smoking, and choosing to continue to smoke, should show them that I am an “educated” smoker, and should be left alone to do what I feel is the best thing for me.