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strong-willed. All of the people around Jem constantly plague him with the idea that black people are bad and sinful. Jem went against those ideas and took on his own opinions. Jem?s refusal to give into ?Maycomb?s usual disease? shows true courage. Jem is brave enough to stand up to Mrs. Dubose and go against society?s dominant views. Jem was forced to rebuild and strengthen Mrs.Dubose?s camellias, just as he is forced to strengthen his courage against the town. Mrs. Dubose leaves behind Jem a white camellia. ?Jem picked up the candy box and threw it in the fire. He picked up the camellia and when [Scout] went off to bend [Scout] saw him fingering the wide petals.? True, at first it may seem that the camellia is a symbol of torture- reminding Jem of his days with Mrs.Dubose. A

second glance allows the reader to come to the realization that the camellia is actually a symbol of courage. Jem puts his own life in danger to save Scout- like Boo Radley. As explained in the above paragraph, this does show courage. As the reader can clearly see, Boo, Jem and Atticus exhibit courage. Courage is being able to act with dignity and bravery. It is not common to find courage in everyday common people, yet in To Kill a Mockingbird; several characters in the book exhibit courage. Though Atticus, Boo and Jem display courage, they are not the only characters to do so. The characters in the novel face numerous conflicts, and with time, conflicts become more serious. It is only through courage that these conflicts can be won. Bibliography this is to kill a moking bird

which i particularly like as a novel. 331