To Kill A Mockingbird Vs Child Of

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To Kill A Mockingbird Vs. Child Of … Essay, Research Paper The story of ?To Kill A Mockingbird? by Harper Lee is an insight into a little girl?s life. Through the eyes of Jean Louise Finch, also known as Scout, her world, the township of Maycomb, is a place of pleasure for her, but that pleasure also contrasts with the pain and suffering she deals with due to the thoughts and actions of the townspeople. Even though she is extremely intelligent for her age, Scout can not understand why so many of the town?s relatively small population feel the way they do about certain areas of everyday. The feelings of a young boy, growing up thousands of kilometres away, almost twenty years premature of Scout?s birth, are extremely similar to those of Scout in Elizabeth Kata?s novel ?Child

Of The Holocaust?. Hans Hermaman, a young Jewish boy known to his friends as Harm, has lost his parents during World War II, and is thrown into a new life, in a small street in the far outskirts of Frankfurt, in Germany. His street is his life, the air he breathes, and the light he sees with. His friends are the most important things to him, but he has an incredible love for academia, and his insight and intelligence surpasses most of his own age and many children his senior. The prejudice he encounters during the novel is harsh and judgmental, and Harm, being a Jewish boy is thrown head-first into it, whether he likes it or not. Both these children are wiser than their years, and both have encountered many problems due to the narrow-mindedness of elder people. These children

rack their minds, trying to understand and justify the selectively disparaging thoughts and actions of others. Why do they despise people they do not know? And how can they do so with such arrogance? But all these people that seem to show bigotry are seemingly ordinary people, almost all of them are kind and civil to the children. How could they possibly so horrible so as to be prejudiced against anyone or anything? Scout is an ordinary young girl, who enjoys playing with her friends, although there are few close ones, and her brother. She lives in a small southern town called Maycomb. Also living with her are her brother, Jeremy (Jem), her father Atticus, and their black maid, Calpurnia. Atticus Finch is a very high profile member of the community, being a lawyer and probably

one of the more wealthy people in the town. In Harm?s case, once he is settled into his new life with his aunty, an obese elderly woman who Harm does not care for much, but has no negative feelings for, he is let outside into the culdesac which is destined to become his greatest source of joy, and his new friends provide with a sense of belonging, a feeling he has never enjoyed before. Harm, despite his shadowy background, is quite a normal boy, and his social life at his age is very healthy. His friends? parents enjoy his company and he is often at a friends? house, for he finds his home comparatively boring, and the live-in maid his aunty has hired to help her move around and do housework for her seems to abominate Harm and his friends. Both Scout and Harm have a figure in

their lives which they find mysterious and intriguing, although the differences are quite substantial. Scout fantasises about a man called Arthur Radley, nicknamed ?Boo? by local children. He is one of a household of ?foot-washers?, that is, Baptists who apparently believe that everything which is pleasure is sin. But through a secret hiding place, Boo has given the Finch children small, yet significant items, and for this Jem and Scout consider Boo as a friend, and feel close to him in a way. Young Harm also has a figure in his life whom he is very close to, but finds himself pulled away by the grips of prejudice society. When another young boy, Paul, moves to the street with his mother, other friends parents tell Harm not to go to Paul?s house, because ?Paul?s mother is a