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the man so much that he and the mob leave. The next day, at the trial, Atticus” questions make it clear that Mayella and her father are lying about the rape. Neverless the jury convict him because their prejudices prevent them from taking a black man’s word against two whites. Atticus is now a hero in the black community of Maycomb, but Bob Ewell, vows to “get” Atticus for showing him up as a liar in front of the whole town. Tom Robinson has give n up hope and trys to flee the prison, but while doing it he gets caught and shot. By the time Halloween comes around, the Finch family has begun to put Tom’s death behind them. There is a pageant planned and Scout much to her dismay has been cast as a ham. After the pageant Scout decides to walk home still dressed in her bulky

costume, with Jem leading the way. The cowardly Bob Ewell. seeing an opportunity to get revenge on Atticus through his children. He follows the children down a dark street and tries to kill them. In the side. It is none other than Boo Radley, who had seen the attack from his window. Boo stabs Bob Ewell to death, and carries the wounded Jem home. The sheriff decides to file a report that Bob fell on his own knife and died, thus sparing Boo the publicity that would be sure to follow. Scout never sees Boo again after that night, but she has learned that he was a good man all along. She has learned a lesson about understanding and tolerance. And through the sheriff’s action she sees that sometimes there can be justice and compassion in the world. The title of the book, To Kill a

Mockingbird is a key to some themes in the novel. The title is first explained in Chapter 10 at the time that Jem and Scout have just received air rifles for Christmas. Atticus tells his children that it is a sin to shoot a mockingbird. Later Miss Maudie explains that Atticus meant that Mockingbirds are harmless creatures who do nothing but sing for enjoyment. It is easy to see that the “mockingbird” in this story is Tom Robinson a harmless man who becomes a victim of racial prejudice. Like the mockingbird, Tom has never done wrong to anyone. Even the jurors who sentence him to death have nothing personal against him. They find him guilty mostly because they feel that to take the word of a black man over two whites would threaten the system they live under, the system of

segregation. Tom himself is guilty of nothing but being in the wrong place at the wrong time.